Sunday, July 6, 2008


YouTube - Alien Resistance
UK Sighting-Silver UFO With Dome On Top
Cornwall UFO Research Group: Cornwall UFO Conference 2008
Joint Recon Study Group
UFOs or weird science?
Above and Beyond - Kevin Randle
Stanwood, Washington Red Orbs And Jet Aircraft
Darkness Radio w/UFO Hunter Bill Birnes
Seeing the light in search for UFOs
The Curse of the Beijing Olympics – Paranormal Pastor
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask - Parnormal
Can Entities Hurt?-I say the author is dead wrong
Twinkle, twinkle electric star - Science
'UFO' mystery along Cape coast
The Alien Show
A letter from the Kumaras of Light
Britains Closest Encounter – Episode 1
Interesting UFO sighting – June 2008
Pretending Pawls – Alfred Lehmberg
Backyard Phenomena: Stand Up to the Debunkers!
The motivations and activities of Extraterrestrial races
UFO Reported on Maine Beach
Snarly Skepticism - Bill Nye, The Bow Tie Guy – Regan Lee
Skeptics Are Weasels!
The Orange Orb - Vaeni On Dolan
Roswell 2008 Day 2
Take Down UFO Researcher Jaime Maussan–Tonight!–9pm ET
Video: Crop Circle Formed in 7 Minutes!
History Channel Researching 1897 Texas UFO Incident
Nick Pope & Joe McGonagle on The Sun Newspaper & UFOs
The UFO Video & Picture Collection 1947-1998
Photographs from Arizona Show Unknown Objects
Alien Abduction and Hypnosis
Project Condign -The Hive
The Masonic truth behind aliens and UFOs
Wiltshire Crop Circle – July 4th
Wiltshire Crop Circle – July 1st
Ufology for the New Millennium – The Hive
Denver's Haunted Oxford Hotel
So you want to be a ghost hunter?
Psychic and Paranormal Trivia Night – July 12th 7pm ET
Michigan Paranormal Underground – Listen Now!
Who Ya Gonna Call? Kitsap Paranormal Investigators
Show is creepy for wrong reasons
The odd and the scary

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