Friday, July 11, 2008


Unusual Occurrences in the Life of Rob Williams
Contactee links NWO to Manipulative Extraterrestrials
FortScape Paranormal-UFO-Fortean Conf.-Aug 16th
MUFON Special Report: Radar Data in for Stephenville
Alien Abductions: An Ontological Hall of Mirrors
Space alien guy vs Obama at Denver News Conf.
Staines, Middlesex, England UFOs Darting Around
Windsor, Ontario Circular UFOs
E. Fork Lake, Bethel OH-UFO Hovering Over Tree Line
Lincoln Park, MI-Glowing Orange Reddish Circular UFO
Anomalist – Nick Redfern
Anomalist – Betty&Barney Hill UFO abduction revisited
Demons, ghosts, hauntings, possession
Nick Redfern: There's Something in the Woods-Daily Grail
Photo of Hounslow UFO-They say there is a video
Ricky Sorrells to appear on Larry King tonight
Scarborough,ONT-UFO Passes Over Top Of Jet Aircraft
Whitley Streiber to speak at A.R.E. conference-Virginia Bch, VA
Paracast-Scientist and Author Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D.-July 13
Paracast with World traveler Klaus Dona- July 20
Cosmic occurrences Planet X -Space travel-Listen Now!
Lives are turned upside-down after UFO Sightings in Texas
UFO Mystic-We Can Stop All Abductions With Prayer
Japan UFO Hunters
Amazing UFO or Amazing Hoax?
The Women Get It - Grey Matter By Leslie
UFO passes too close to airplane
Kevin Randle-Another Mishmash of Fact
UFO Stalker-Five UFO sightings, Daytona Beach, FL
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting,Utah
The AARF Show-Stanton T. Friedman-July 17, 9pmET
UFO Era-Information about project bluebook
UFO Radio-Jerry Pippen with Louise Aveni-July 17, 6pm ET
**Caution to Hoaxers**AZ UFO Radio Warning
UFO’s Are Taking Over The UK!
Contacto Ovni-Chile 2008
A time to cogitate on mysteries above
UFOs & Beings In PA - Audio Interview
Where are the extraterrestrial civilizations?
Alien ET UFO orientation prior to 2012
Thoughts on surviving a serial killer or an alien attack
Interview with John Keel-10/73
The Roswell Legacy
NASA UFO Transmissions
Baby Boomer Galaxy Found
How Old Am I? Star Cluster Perplexes Astronomers
H20 Detected from an Unlikely Source: Moon Volcanoes
Mysterious Beings in Alaska
The Quickening- Daniell Lee
My house is haunted by a high-tech ghost
Ghostly Apparition Seen at King's Island, Limerick
The Blob's Golden Anniversary
N.J. Ghost Hunters founder to visit library
Snow Hill Inn Up for Auction: Ghost and All
Ghost Hunting
Paranormal: "Silverpilen"
Storms & the Paranormal
BlogTalkRadio-Paranormal Happenings-July 15, 9pmET
Ghostly images haunt center
Paranormal gathering Aug. 9 in Indy
What’s this from Japan, a ghost?

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