Tuesday, July 8, 2008


UFO hits Florida bound airliner out of Detroit
Larry King Live to do UFOs on July 11 & 18th
Back at Official UFO Magazine
Large meteor crosses Israeli skies
Is there anyone out there?
New York City 3 White Lights In A Diagonal Line
UFOs in South America – June 9, 2008
Info about the Project Beta files
The Orion Conspiracy – Daily Grail
Parkhurst-Johannesburg, South Africa A Huge UFO
Astronaut takes photo of UFO
Military UFOs: The Truth
UFO Sightings-California, Arizona and Japan Hoax
CBC-All Points West Interview with Brian Vike
Mystery of Caversham ‘UFO’ light
Kimberly Clark gets on alien bandwagon
Reverse engineering-intelligent military space weapons
UFOs: more madness and apocalyptic fears
World’s Before our Own
My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies
Alien Abduction? Junk Science Calls It Sleep Paralysis
Squinting for clues in Tinseltown-Billy Cox
Military UFOs: The Truth-WIRED
Underground UFO base in the Himalayan border
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity
How Secret was Mogul
Shameless Self-Promotion-Nick Redfern
UFO sighting in Southport during twister mayhem
Roswell UFO festival attendance increases
Man tells how he was abducted by UFO
Ball Of Fire Spotted On Heathrow And Gatwick Flight path
Flintshire readers report more UFO sightings
Spirits on the move at haunted hotel
Paranormal devotees stalk Victoria's ghosts
List of UFO events - Regan Lee
Analysing a phantom airship crash
Blinded by the Right
Greg Bishop's report-Day2
More sightings of Hounslow UFO
Emmy Award winner Insights: An Alien Agenda?

ET initiative draws UFO enthusiast
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting Taos, NM
UFO sighting in south Norfolk
Did YOU spot the UFO flying above Abertillery?
The 39th International UFO Conference
Astral Projection Techniques

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