Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ancient Advanced Civilizations
On UFO Reports – UFO Pilgrim
Crop Circle-Wiltshire, UK
Dr. Jacque Vallee on Binnall of America
The Paracast with Klaus Dona
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Mumbai, IN
A Faustian Prerogative-Pt.2-Intangible Materiality
Larry King Live: Debate Over Existence of UFOs
DeVoid-The king of shrinkage-Billy Cox
A paranormal latex alien probe for the Front Range
The Real Scent Of A Ghost!
The Saturday Strangeness
UFO@Home: for real
Noted Reporter, 'Angelia Joiner' to Attend San Jose Symposium
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity – July 20th
Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
UFO Guys vs. Pseudo-Skeptics
UFO's DO exist says leading scientist
Stave Lake Mission, BC- Flying Saucer
What US Govt. Knows about UFO’s: Unclassified CIA Documents
Monroe County-Do UFO's favor Metro East?
UFOs could be 'space junk'
The World According to Caswell Whiteside
Dr. Jacques Vallee on Binnall of America – July 20th
Are Reality Uncovered Moderators Fearful of the Truth?-Spies, Lies & Polygraph-Gary Bekkum
Mysterious circles appear – Albuquerque ranch
Binnall of America– Anomaly Audio Network-Jacque Vallee
UFO Sighting: Mishawaka, Indiana- July 13, 2008
Fortean Times UNCON 2008 – Weird and the Wonderful
UFO Stalker – Montcon, Nova Scotia
Record number of UFOs spotted
On The Job – Ghost Hunting with SWPRG
Did UFOs Cause Missile to Misfire- Video- Larry King Live
UFO shoots down ICBM – Bob Jacob’s YouTube
The Devils’ Exorcism – Danielle Lee
Yes, Yes, YES! But –UFO Magazine Blog – Regan Lee
Underwater UFOs
Alien Image in the Door
Tracking The Unknown
UFOs – The truth is out there and comments
Planet X-2012 – Listen Now!
UFO Alien Paranormal Activity – July 18
UFO Stalker, UFO sighting, Crestline, CA
Australia – Skeptic Politician Sees UFO
Exopolictics-Mt. Adams-2012 A Golden Age
In the Paranormal Realm, Believing Is Seeing
Spirituality and the Supernatural on Television
Beware The Opportunists
Paranormal News with Bonnie Vent-Listen Now!
The Paracast-Life After Death-Listen Now!
Ghost Stories
Psych: The Ghost In You
Do dead people watch us? Yes, author says
Ashmore Estates
Ovni ufo russie 2
The Illuminati Within

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Part 1: A Faustian Prerogative-The Permeability of The Self In Relation To A Dualistic Trickster-Intangible Materiality
The Report from Iron Mountain
The Republican-American UFOs reported in Waterbury
NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth As an Alien World
LONGER FOOTAGE - JULY 3rd – Larry King Live
Mystery in sky over Waterbury
An alien's-eye view of Earth from 31 million miles away
Bits and Pieces-Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
Why the Paranormal is Normal
Missing UFO Evidence: Pt1-UFO Media Matters-Joseph Capp
The Caratinga ‘Vortex UFO’
UFO Mystic - Vallee on UFOs – Nick Redfern
Stephenville UFOs: A Personal Connection
Haunted Orchard of Woodburn, Oregon
Witness Recounts UFO Sighting in Houston Suburb
Psychologist/UFO researcher to speak in Cody
UFO Era-Info on Dr. Eric Walker, MJ-12
'UFO Hunters' probe 1997 Phoenix Lights
UFO Visits Grecia - Photo
Mt. Hamilton, California July 2008-Cigar ufo?-Video
Writing for an Extraterrestrial Audience
UFO Sighting in Wiltshire, UK- VIDEO-HOAX
An Alien Encounter?
Ghost team 'snaps' haunting battle shot
Searching for Dahlonega's haunt spots-Photo
Bewitching the sceptics
More UFO sightings over Hatfield-UK
High Level of UFO Sightings Over the UK
UFOs spotted in skies over North Somerset-UK
Police investigate Hounslow UFOs-UK
New Crop Circle Reported July 15, 2008
Psychologist to speak on UFOs, aliens
UFO’s: The Secret Evidence
YouTube – UFOs Declassified – Fox News
Retired UFO Researcher Don Ecker selling personal UFO library
Snarly Skepticism-Re: Andrew T. Durham article
Gnostic Archons = Aliens? Part 2 on John Lamb Lash’s Theory
A Different Perspective: Jason Kellahin and Robin Adair
Encounters with the Unexplained: Majestic Documents
The Genesis of a New Theory of Matter
Stephen D. Sullivan: UFO: The Best Evidence-caught on tape
Jacques Vallee-Messengers of Deception
Tonight's topics are brought to you by Canada - Phantom Green
The Watchful Ghost
The Daily Dead
Ghost Under a Bridge
1951: UFO Over Terre Haute Airport
More UFO 2008
Reviewing the Island of Paradise
UFO Sighting Finland
Club uses science to search for paranormal
Plan your weekend-TapsCon Paranormal
Bewitching the sceptics
Searching for Dahlonega's haunt spots
Spirituality is All in How You Think
Lizzie Bordon-Paranormal Radio-7/23-9pm
Ghost Hunters International “Devil Dog” Report Card
The Paranormal Realm-7/25 8pm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Second Movie Article - UFOs
"UFO" Around the World
Summer and Fall: Notes from Tom Towers
Chop Pleased, Towers Has Deja Vu
Movie Article Eclipsed by Cover Model's Tragic Plea - UFOs
Children and Ghosts: A Perceptive reality?
Infrared Strobe Theory
The Hohokam and Pueblo Grande-Rituals and Ideology
UFO Era: Paranet: roundup of Hoagland/mars/cydonia
Noteworthy UFO YouTubes-last two weeks
All Hail the Alien Masters
Tom Towers: The Final Note-Robert Barrow
Greene's Press Book Article - UFOs
The Haunted Danger Zone
Do you believe in ghosts?
Marie Jones, 2012, Endings & Beginnings-Nick Redfern
UFO Flap over Bucks County, PA – Paranormal Pastor
The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies
Children being Prepared for UFO Disclosure
A Rough Guide to Extra-Terrestrial Visitors
New way to search for ET proposed
Uprise against Fake CGI UFO videos !
WUFO – TV49 Inudates Washington DC with Fringe Topics 24/7
Interview with Grandson of Roswell Crash Site-Foster Ranch
Resident sees unique lights in sky
All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed
David Icke - Big Brother, The Big Picture – Use your best judgment
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Red Feather Lakes, CO
Pattern found in wheat field-Holmesville, Ontario
UFO Sighting in Montana
UFO Sighting: Lake Jocassee, SC-6/3/80
Mountain Mystery
According to Google:What do you do if you see a UFO
Ring Shape UFO
The weird journey home-Leslie at the Debris Field
New Strobelight Tech Gadget Excites Paranormal Community
Latest Mothy News From Andrew Colvin
Shades of History camp ties together local legends, culture
Siloam Springs police report two men tried to buy woman's soul
Paranormal Ponderings....
Strobelight tech gadget excites paranormal community
Animal Ghost Photos
Ghost Under the Bridge
Episode from NZ Paranormal
Ghostly Giggles-Video
China Could Beat US in Moon Race
Who in Mainstream Media Cares to Talk about UFOs?
Death at the Door – Danielle Lee
Children of the Paranormal
Haunting by the Living – Danielle Lee
Socrates, Caves and Multidimensional Aliens
Crop Circles – 5 Pt National Geographic Channel
Scripps Survey Researches Polls - UFOs and Intelligent Life Off-World

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


NARCAP + MUFON = deja vu - Billy Cox
Ghost hunters hit Good Ground in search of paranormal
Who are the people who have seen a UFO?
Poll probes Americans' belief in UFOs, life on other planets
Chart 3 on Scripps UFO poll
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Gulf Shores, AL
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 22nd 12pmET
CBC Radio - Interview With Brian Vike
2012: An Essay - Nick Redfern
The Alien Abduction Phenomenon
Nanaimo peak has been scene of logging and a UFO sighting
The Occult Mystery Diary - Is it Papus’s Journal?
The Old Ones
UFO hovered above marshes
Proof Positive Police Reporting UFOs
Something in the air
A Brief word on ‘Angelology’
Team on spiritual quest
Death at the Door
UFO Stalker-UFO Sightings, India
A Walk on the Wild Side: Sixto Paz Wells - UFO Contactee
Above & Beyond - Larry King and Debunkers
Bright orange lights in sky evidence of UFOs?
KDBC 4 - Radar shows large, fast, unexplained object in Texas
Above & Beyond - Kevin Randle on Skeptics vs. Debunkers
UFO - remains just that!
The Mystery of the Dogon and Sirius B
Sumerians, Aliens and Voyager 2
UFO Sighting - Prescott, AZ-Dark oval craft, no sound
Royersford, PA-Low lying hum, flash of light
UFO Sightings Over Palestrina, Italy
Sileby Leicester - Flat Delta Shaped UFO
Wombourne South Staffs, UK-Orange Silver Light
Katzweiler, Germany
Bristol, U.K. Globe Or Orb Shaped UFO
Northenden Manchester M22 England 10 Circular Objects
Gabriola Island, BC-Fairly Bright Orange Light
Calgary Alberta Three Bright Circular Objects
Sasamat Lake, Ioco BC-Bright White Object Stops
Haunted by the Living
3rd Annual Paranormal Meet and Greet in Indiana
Mansfield Prison Investigation Report from BSPHI
Charity quest for top haunt
Altered States:The Dangers of the Paranormal

Monday, July 14, 2008


Trickster's Realm: MIBS, Clowns and Helicopters-Regan Lee
UFO Mystic-Gray Barker Profiled, By, Greg Bishop
The Burgeoning UFO Phenomena
UFO Stalker-UFO Sightings Utah and Olympia, WA
Spies, Lies & Polygraph-The real x-files-Do you want to believe?
Let's outsource it to India!- Billy Cox
If ET's Landed Tomorrow - By, Steve Bass
No, it’s not a UFO-Binary Asteroid Glides Past Earth tonight
No, it’s not a UFO either-Comet W1 visible now in northern sky
The Lucifer Policy : Destroy Mankind Through Law
UFOs Approached Western Whitehouse
Top Secret Roswell artifact discovered at estate sale
UFO in Helsinki, Finland
SciFi Channel interested in Southport Tornado/UFO
Woodkirk woman catches UFO on camera phone-UK
Paper Evidence for Preparation of UFO Arrival
Read the comments below the article
Why is UFO activity on the increase? – See comments too.
Fox:Geraldo Rivera-2012 Doomsday Fear Mongering
UFO picture snapped – S. Norfolk - UK
S. Norfolk enlarged picture
Major Keyhoe: The Flying Saucers Are Real
UFO Sighting – London July 13, 2008
UFO Sighting over New York July 11, 2008
UFO Era:Draft report outlines US Moon/Mars exploration
Costa Rica UFO
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting Indiana
Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day: Recap
Highway 417 Ottawa Montreal-Low Flying Bright Green Sphere
Crop Circles in Rhonda, Spain
Paul Kimball discusses the Condon Report-Video
UFO Triboro Bridge New York City
Snarly Skepticism-Larry King and Stephenville-Regan Lee
No sleep for the curious-Night listener
What happened to the ex-Marine who saw a UFO?
Fringe Forthcoming-Alfred Lehmberg
The Orange Orb-New Blog-"UFO Mary"- Regan Lee
Above & Beyond-Stanton T. Friedman is Real-Trailer
Article Discussion: UFO expert urges Denver to open doors
UFO sightings increase
UK UFO sightings July-updated regularly
UFO Articles - The UFO Lawyer
Interpreting the Stephenville radar report: What does it say?
UFO Era-NSA admits Project Aquarius exists
The Truth is Out There
UFO Stalker-UFO sighting, Archer, Texas
The Propagandizing of the American Public: The Cult of Science
One Night in Nevada: Dreamland Drive
Retired professor believes truth is out there
UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC
Leicester, England U.K. Triangular Shaped UFO
Whitley Strieber Majestic
Indiana Star Like Object
It's like I predicted
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, W.Hartford, CT
Nakusp, BC-Human Silhouettes And UFO Sightings
Children and the Paranormal
UFO Mary-Speculations on Mary as Trickster-Regan Lee
Chester's curious coffin
Snarly Skepticism-Moi! on JREF message board-Regan Lee
Image of 'dead soldier at Battle of Naseby' goes around world
Paranormal 'experts' haunt southern Ariz. towns
Commonwealth Paranormal-Helping to deal with unknown
Is There Life Beyond?
Leak black magic
The Daily Dead
Ghostly Talk-Mike Robare-Central Ohio Paranormal Society
Ghost Busted - After 47 years, a spooky secret is out
The Hungry Ghost Festival
Science experiment with a ghost
Trailer for Ricky Gervais' Ghost Town!-Video
Ghost tours part of Bisbee weekend
New Orleans is it connected to Bloodline and Rennes les Chateau?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ufo Abduction Syndrome: If You Can Read This, You Might Be An Alien Abductee
UFO Story in Denver
President Bush and Dick Cheney on UFOs
My Ufo Experienc-UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock
Launch in Progress!
How Will You Celebrate "UFO Awareness Day"?
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Plymouth, IN
Saanich, BC Spherical Object
A Global Focus Interviews Canadian Ufologist Don Ledger
UFO sighting
UFO sighting
YouTuber shows how to debunk an alien
A flying saucer-“There are alien bases on earth”
Seascale, Cumbria U.K. UFO Sighting
Paranormal experts haunt southern AZ towns
UFO Era-Aquarius is government UFO research project
Australia A Saucer Shaped UFO
UFO Mystery unraveled
UFO Disclosure, Its History and Bible Connections 7/14 9pm ET
UFOs: The Secret History-7/13 1pm ET
UFOs and You
Clarksburg author fueled Americans with flying saucers
UFO Pilgrim - Now can you believe?
This Week on Exopolitics Radio
What if humans were the alien life-forms?
"Alien" joins meeting about poking holes in video
Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection-Book
John Keel - Moon Craters - Or Secret UFO Bases?
UFO Mystic-Anti-Structure In Ufology – Greg Bishop
Seeing a UFO was unforgettable
UFO? Or one of 10,000 satellites?
Dream Interpretation: Abandonment and Reconciliation
Civil War ghost captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts
Joliet Paranormal Radio-7/19 10pm ET
Contact the Dead?
Einstein's Legacy: Inside the Quest for Gravity Waves