Saturday, July 5, 2008


The man who gave you Nightmares
Retired Washington meteorologist still looking skyward for UFOs
Thoughts on 4-dimensional hypotheses for UFOs
UFO Blog: IFOs:UFO Balloons, Chinese Lanterns & Misidentifications
Flying Saucers and Science - Books
UFO Magazine Blog - Bill Nye is CSI? – Alfred Lehmberg
UFO Magazine - Skeptics Are Jerks! – Lisa A. Shiel
UFO Magazine Blog - The Last Living Witnesses – Bill Birnes
Abduction: The Screams of Thousand Oaks
Discovery Channel Plans to Probe UFO Reports
Dr. James McDonald on the Farmington Armada
DMT and Ayahuasca Dialogue
Mensa member highly disagrees with James Carrion
Larry King Live – June 4th Truth about Roswell Program
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 08,2008
Supposed 61-month cycle of UFO flaps
Teen now embraces his psyhic gift
Larry King Live-Roswell Truth Debated-Transcript
UFO Landing and Government Intercept
Extraterrestrials and Cuba
UFO close-up footage Houston TX 2008
Is The Bermuda Triangle A Good Place For an "Alien" Base?
Taiwan UFO news report
UFOMystic -Roswell 2008 Day 1-Greg Bishop
UFO Downunder - High Red UFO with Tail
Orb entities Light Beings & Ships over UK
UFO Stalker – Springhill, Florida
The UFO Engine
Psychic Sadness – Danielle Lee
Military theater has a history, and maybe ghosts
Hotel Oregon in McMinnville Haunted – Regan Lee
Loei ghost festival opens
Radio-Jo Lynne Valerie-Full Moon Rising Magazine-Listen Now!
Blog Talk Radio-New Gravity Media & 14 Degrees-July 6th 5pm ET
Radio - Amityville horror Mr. Tim Yancey-July11th 8pmET

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Zecharia Sitchin
VIDEO - CBS - Dave Price’s Early Show In Roswell, New Mexico
I've heard of crop circles but …
We are the alien nation
Fireball looking - Holland, Michigan
Former Belgian Air Force General Reveals ‘ UFO Wave’
Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Mystery House built just for spirits
A crop Circle in Meadville, Missouri
Alien’s Frolic on Ruth’s Rocks
Stargate’s Don David dies – 1942 - 2008
UFOs are things….not human created projections but things!
Off To Roswell – UFO Mystic – Greg Bishop
Chile: The Dying Days of Ufology
Czech Republic Crop Circle – June 2008
UFO invades Australian town
UFOlogy: The Ultimate Disinformation Agent
V formation 6 oval-shaped "lights" out of the clouds.- Alliance, NE
Roman candles and alien parades - Billy Cox
UFO spotted in Lancashire?
2013: Beginnings or Endings?
The house with squirted blood: case solved!
Heavy Stuff – The Wink Factor Index
Moved by the Spirit: When Ghosts Come Calling
Bruce Springsteen's 4th Of July "Madam Marie" Dies
Argentina: Impact at Quijano
Eyewitnesses spot UFO – BBC News
Police confirm report - UFO ‘seen over M4 service area
When pilots see UFO's
The ET life forms of zero quantum state
UFO's sighted over UK!
Land of Enchantment: Guess What Happened 61 Years Ago Today?
Chinese lanterns blamed in UFO scare
The Search for Intelligent Light
Alien Grave Drive
The MoD Files – Fortean Times
A dialog with a former member of the intelligence
The Presencing of the Other - orbs & other phenomena
UFO Researchers Review "U.F.O." Part 1
UFO Researchers Review "U.F.O." Part 2
UFO Stalker – Pottstown, PA – Sounds like a drone
UFO over South Coast Of Dorset England, UK
UFO over Ajax, Ontario, Canada
UFO Mystic - Pop Culture Corner – Greg Bishop
Roswell alien resort sure to be out of this world
UFO in Edgware? UK
UFO Video assortment
UFO Files - UFOs vs The Government
Voyager Spacecraft Reveals Solar System Edge
The Atacama Desert -World's Space-Observatory Headquarters
Paranormal author Lyall Watson dies
Southern Paranormal Investigations Captures EVPs
Photos of ghosts - Burlington County Prison Museum
Ashmore Haunted House Gets National Attention - Video
A Victorian Haunting Experience
Mystery sighting ‘may be a UFO’ : Shropshire Star:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Apple Valley, Toward Barstow California UFO Crashes in the Desert
Arnold, Nottingham, UK - Fast Traveling White Colored Orb
Alien Spirituality
UFO Sighting, Philadelphia, PA – See pix in next link
Philadelphia, PA photo
UFO sightings in Bucks County - Video
Dogon and Sirius
UFO Festival rises from 1947 'incident' – KRQE TV
When pilots see ufo's
The Roswell Alien Speaks- book
Roswell Is More Than Just Aliens And UFO’s
The Paranormal Realm Radio – Rochelle Evans – July 2nd 6pm ET
ABQNews - Guess What Happened 61 Years Ago Today?
Science and their Method and their Hubris-UFO Pilgrim
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho Witnesses Observe Vancouver, BC UFO
UFO Stalker - Niagara Falls, Canada
Strange State – Parnormalizer Review 068
Apparitions and Control – Regan Lee
20 Questions with Robert M. Hunnicutt – Haunted American Tours
Something just doesn't ‘Sitwell’ - Michael Prescott's Blog
Apocalypse Then. Next One, When? – New York Times
Witches brave skepticism
Planet's Magnetic Field Varies Much Faster Than Expected
Weather Plasma Cosmology Electric Universe – NASA tries to steal show
British hacker simply irresistible – Billy Cox
Newsweek - Why We Love Gurus
UFO Sighting: Lincoln, Nebraska; July 5, 2008
UFO investigators drawn to Bucks
Ghost hunters gather
In Search of The Skeptic Talisman
Abduction Memory
Greatness in the paranormal
UFO Anti Gravity Technology
Karl Pflock on the Aztec UFO hoax
Man breaks silence over North Wales UFO
My Personal Near Death Experience (NDE)
Paranormal Radio and Lizzie Borden
Video UFO seen over Moscow during football game
Ufological "Front Page Challenge
UFO Magazine - Sightings - UFOs Over Swansea Bay?
Haunted: Glenn Burnie, Maryland
Alicia Montells ufo contactee experience
Entangled Minds: Two conferences
I have a column in the new issue of UFO Magazine, on news-stands
Aliens Have Been On The Moon Since Ancient Times
Boo Who to Paranormal Politics
The Breath - Danielle Lee
Seeing is Believing with comments from Budd Hopkins
Earth cries, science questions life & studies law of war while NASA builds time machine
They’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaaaaaack
This happened June 24, 2008 in Steuben County, Indiana
The Gralien Report - Top Secret Interviews with Roswell Alien Released?
Innisfil, Ontario - Meteor Lights Up The Sky And Surroundings

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dolan and Redfern on UFO secrecy
The Flying Saucers are as real as they were
NICAP Alerts Members About the Movie
Jerome Clark on Anomalous phenomena
Tourists invade Roswell for UFO Festival - Video
North London, U.K. Green Colored UFO
Traffic that has been shouting extraterrestrial hypothesis..,
World UFOs: North London, U.K. Green Colored UFO
The Specters of Oom
T.O.P.S. for Australian listeners-Victor Viggiani and Mary Rodwell
Fright night planned at Samlesbury Hall
New planet may hold alien civilizations and my personal pick
The Dragons of Ufology – Intangible Materiality
Taylorsville, KY – Completely silent lights
UFO Caught on camera in Ancaster and Worcester
UFO crash? University of North Texas checks authenticity of claim
UFO photographed while shooting pre-civil war cemetery
Alien Abduction and Mystic Experiences
The man of the M.O.A. – Spanish Air Force Declassification on UFOs
UFO photographed while shooting pre-civil war cemetary
The Maracaibo Incident, 1886
Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - The Current July 2008 Time Is
Canada - Abbotsford, BC- Bright Object Filmed
U.S.- Lights in the Sky, Arizona
U.S. - Sphere/Orb over Raleigh, NC
Fresh claims about ‘the Welsh Roswell’ of 1974
Chile - UFOs in Valparaiso
UFOs, Okay, before you roll your eyes
The Impossible Must Be The Truth
Regan Lee the Shameless Promoter–Re:Tim Binnall's Women–You go girl!
UK-UFO seen above Harborough
UK-UFO sighting over Derbyshire border
UK-UFOs spotted over Worcester?
UK-Royal Navy aircraft engineer sees hovering UFO above motorway
UK- UFO spotted over Worthing
UK-UFOs 'spotted over Basingstoke'
Crossroads Paranormal Radio show with Bonnie Vent – Listen Now!
Paranormal -Your True Tales

Monday, June 30, 2008


The Impossible Must Be The Truth - Steve Bass
Pennsylvania Black Triangle UFO Sightings - Interview
What's Alien You? - Dave Barry
Ghost hunters to check out Bristol Town Hall
Island of Paradise – Book Review by Nick Redfern
UFOs and the Interdimensional Hypothesis
How Smart is Smart – What’s an Alien’s IQ Level - Greg Boone
UFO Panama City
Allan drakes ufo contactee experience
Lost vintage footage found – UFOs Are Here! 1977 & 1979
Shanghai Pilot UFO recording released
Group looks to alien salvation
Live Directly From The Roswell UFO Festival - Jul 06,08
Photographed possible UFO while shooting digital images
My Strangest UFO Abduction Case by Brad Steiger
Extraterrestrial Climate Change - A Message for Earth?
UFO spotted over Worthing - Littlehampton Today
Second Eclipse Podcast Episode 4 - Jeremy Vaeni
UFO spotted over Worthing - Chichester Today
Paranormal Reality
Ghost Hunting Weekend
Paranormal and Supernatural – July 13th 9pm ET
UFOs and Vimanas – continues below
UFO’s and the Vimanas
The Paracast with Stanton Friedman – Listen Now!
Scientists Discover Natural Radio Emissions Signal to Exo-Worlds
Yvonne Smith: Speaker at Roswell Festival
The event that killed my skepticism.
Williams Lake, BC Sky Lit Up And Loud Boom
Roswell UFO Festival 2008
Lights - El Vado New Mexico, 25 Miles South Of Dulce, NM
Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research: Open PSI Study Program has begun!
German man programs "Hello World" into wheat field
Alan Watt rejects Alien Agenda
Estimate of the Situation2008: WOW!
Above & Beyond: Best Evidence - The Malmstrom AFB Case
New Mission:Take Down Jaime Maussan - WTF? Don't Miss This UFO Show
Williams Lake, British Columbia Sky Lit Up And Loud Boom
Captain Disillusion - Gas Station Ghost: Recut
Lets Ghost Talk-Unearthing the Unknown with Dakota Lawrence

Sunday, June 29, 2008


UFO tape revealed cockpit recording of flight 3556 in 1991
UFO sightings just days shortly before & after Roswell
Strange UFO lights over sailboat
The Very Large Array (VLA) National Radio Observatory – New Mexico
Vancouver, BC UFO Makes A Sharp Zig Zag Maneuver
UFO Witnessed And Filmed Over San Marcos,CA
Low altitude UFO Filmed in UK
Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat in Galveston, Texas
Cowichan, British Columbia Crop Circle Found
Determining the Origin on a UFO
Stacks Of Sightings And Major Cattle Mute Incident
Resident Captures Film of UFO
Siler City, North Carolina UFO & Electrical Problems
UFOs buzzed state in 1975, according to facility's reports
World Broadcast Premier – “UFOs: The Secret History”
Lochgelly Fife Scotland, U.K. An Egg Shaped UFO Buzzing A Pilot
Close Encounters
Other UFO sightings prior to Cardiff
UK – Man claims mystery metal came from a crashed alien spacecraft
Welsh UFO Sightings to be Investigated by 'UFO Hunters'
More Ufo's over Alkmaar Holland, 28/06/08
UFO Filmed Vernon, British Columbia
Clearly Defined Orb Worthing, Seamill Park Crescent - UK
UFO in Indiana
UFO over River Thames in Hampton, UK
Saucer of Inspiration
Astronomy researcher: UFOs not rare but regular
A high-profile UFO search comes to Wise County
Pub boss is seeing stars..or is it a UFO?
UFO’s are worthy of study
Stationary Lights - Fraser River, Matsqui - Mission,BC
Resident captures film of UFO – Bedford UK
Paranormal Reality
Joliet Paranormal Radio – July 5th 10pm ET
Experts see activity that spooks many
Paranormal investigation of ancient haunted castle
Ghost hunters, psychics gather for Faire at Fort