Sunday, June 29, 2008


UFO tape revealed cockpit recording of flight 3556 in 1991
UFO sightings just days shortly before & after Roswell
Strange UFO lights over sailboat
The Very Large Array (VLA) National Radio Observatory – New Mexico
Vancouver, BC UFO Makes A Sharp Zig Zag Maneuver
UFO Witnessed And Filmed Over San Marcos,CA
Low altitude UFO Filmed in UK
Ghost Hunter University Weekend Paranormal Retreat in Galveston, Texas
Cowichan, British Columbia Crop Circle Found
Determining the Origin on a UFO
Stacks Of Sightings And Major Cattle Mute Incident
Resident Captures Film of UFO
Siler City, North Carolina UFO & Electrical Problems
UFOs buzzed state in 1975, according to facility's reports
World Broadcast Premier – “UFOs: The Secret History”
Lochgelly Fife Scotland, U.K. An Egg Shaped UFO Buzzing A Pilot
Close Encounters
Other UFO sightings prior to Cardiff
UK – Man claims mystery metal came from a crashed alien spacecraft
Welsh UFO Sightings to be Investigated by 'UFO Hunters'
More Ufo's over Alkmaar Holland, 28/06/08
UFO Filmed Vernon, British Columbia
Clearly Defined Orb Worthing, Seamill Park Crescent - UK
UFO in Indiana
UFO over River Thames in Hampton, UK
Saucer of Inspiration
Astronomy researcher: UFOs not rare but regular
A high-profile UFO search comes to Wise County
Pub boss is seeing stars..or is it a UFO?
UFO’s are worthy of study
Stationary Lights - Fraser River, Matsqui - Mission,BC
Resident captures film of UFO – Bedford UK
Paranormal Reality
Joliet Paranormal Radio – July 5th 10pm ET
Experts see activity that spooks many
Paranormal investigation of ancient haunted castle
Ghost hunters, psychics gather for Faire at Fort

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