Thursday, July 3, 2008


Zecharia Sitchin
VIDEO - CBS - Dave Price’s Early Show In Roswell, New Mexico
I've heard of crop circles but …
We are the alien nation
Fireball looking - Holland, Michigan
Former Belgian Air Force General Reveals ‘ UFO Wave’
Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Mystery House built just for spirits
A crop Circle in Meadville, Missouri
Alien’s Frolic on Ruth’s Rocks
Stargate’s Don David dies – 1942 - 2008
UFOs are things….not human created projections but things!
Off To Roswell – UFO Mystic – Greg Bishop
Chile: The Dying Days of Ufology
Czech Republic Crop Circle – June 2008
UFO invades Australian town
UFOlogy: The Ultimate Disinformation Agent
V formation 6 oval-shaped "lights" out of the clouds.- Alliance, NE
Roman candles and alien parades - Billy Cox
UFO spotted in Lancashire?
2013: Beginnings or Endings?
The house with squirted blood: case solved!
Heavy Stuff – The Wink Factor Index
Moved by the Spirit: When Ghosts Come Calling
Bruce Springsteen's 4th Of July "Madam Marie" Dies
Argentina: Impact at Quijano
Eyewitnesses spot UFO – BBC News
Police confirm report - UFO ‘seen over M4 service area
When pilots see UFO's
The ET life forms of zero quantum state
UFO's sighted over UK!
Land of Enchantment: Guess What Happened 61 Years Ago Today?
Chinese lanterns blamed in UFO scare
The Search for Intelligent Light
Alien Grave Drive
The MoD Files – Fortean Times
A dialog with a former member of the intelligence
The Presencing of the Other - orbs & other phenomena
UFO Researchers Review "U.F.O." Part 1
UFO Researchers Review "U.F.O." Part 2
UFO Stalker – Pottstown, PA – Sounds like a drone
UFO over South Coast Of Dorset England, UK
UFO over Ajax, Ontario, Canada
UFO Mystic - Pop Culture Corner – Greg Bishop
Roswell alien resort sure to be out of this world
UFO in Edgware? UK
UFO Video assortment
UFO Files - UFOs vs The Government
Voyager Spacecraft Reveals Solar System Edge
The Atacama Desert -World's Space-Observatory Headquarters
Paranormal author Lyall Watson dies
Southern Paranormal Investigations Captures EVPs
Photos of ghosts - Burlington County Prison Museum
Ashmore Haunted House Gets National Attention - Video
A Victorian Haunting Experience
Mystery sighting ‘may be a UFO’ : Shropshire Star:

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