Saturday, August 23, 2008



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Burnaby, BC Seven Disc Shaped UFOs
UFO Pilgrim - Humans
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Brisbane, Australia
Bogles In Beckindale - UFOs were very big in 1980
Top 10 Strangest Things
Germans Or Aliens?
The Black Vault Radio with guest Bill Knell
Killbear Provincial Park, Parry Sound, Ontario - UFO sighting
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Houston, Texas
Yuma Arizona Video - UFO or Planet?
UFO Pilot: Ralph Ring Pt.1
My Paranormal Life - has moved - make note!
Collingdale, PA - Green/Blue Colored Sphere
Livingston, MT, Strange UFO Caught On Film (photos)
Hull, East Yorkshire, England A Star Like Ball
Beltinge, Kent, England A Bright Orange Glow
Cryptomundo - Lawyers Debate: Can Biscardi Litigate?
LA Times: Weird Los Angeles: Weirdness In The Waters
Internet Archive Wayback MachineViruses, Sprinters And UFOs
UFOs A Plenty - ULC Tribal: Universal Life Church Inter-Tribal
The USS Supply UFO Sighting
Odds & Ends: UFOs and the Democratic National Convention
Under the spell of a ghost called Ralph
Alien culture hits Central CoastThe Alien's Backbone Pt1
Video: Images of Pulsating Object-South-Central U.S.
Rocket Explodes With NASA Experiments on Board
The Art of WW III: Unifying Archetypes of Apocalypse
Will we ever be able to prove the existence of ghosts?
Waiting for ET's call
Spitzer Takes Family Portrait of Stars - "Celestal Geode"
Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - Aug 22-24
The Cepheus Flare Lights the Entrance to Wolf's Cave
Podcast: Gravity - Universe Today (1st of a series)
See Trio of Planets at Sunset
Sick of Griefers, YouTube Vloggers Start Members-Only Site
Could There Be Life On Titan? - Adam Korbitz
38 people make reservations for space hotel
A Plague of Angels
Charles Bonnet Syndrome
UFO Mystic - Time Travel & UFOs - Nick Redfern
Ann Strieber's `UFO' Observations - A Rebuttal
Whitley Strieber speaking in Sedona & Bay area -Sept 13,26,28th
Paranormal Explorers Capture Ghostly Apparition
Earliest Known Human Had Neanderthal Qualities
Destroyed in Seconds - New for Discovery Channel
The Paracast with Nick Pope - Aug 24th
UFO Paranormal radio with David Andrew
Radio:Jennifer Cupples Discusses Pyramids and..-Listen Now!
Radio: Crystal skulls and Stephen Mehler - Listen Now!
Radio:Consciousness Change - 8-Circuit Model-Listen Now
Paranormal Radio with Brooks Agnew - Aug 25th
Paranormal Radio - UFOs in Wisconsin - Aug 27th
LA Times - UFO over Los Angeles, November 26, 1904

The Crop Circle Story and Human Consciousness
M6 Motorway Around Stoke/Stafford Orange Object
Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk UK A Fiery Orange Object
Ashord, UK Object Moves In Circles
Rochdale Lancs UK Bright Light
Stillwater, NJ Green Trail Of Some Fiery Substance
Walking between both worlds belonging to none
Ghost tours sell out
Mississauga, Ontario Two Unknown Objects
Spooky spectaculars
Radio: The Paranormal Party of The Summer - Aug 29th
The flags been raised - UK
Researcher of paranormal to speak at Ripon Library
Big George asks - Is there anyone out there - $10,000
But we’re sure they’re upscale ghosts
Local group searches for proof of the paranormal
Native American Perspective on th e ET phenomena
The Gralien - Roswell Revisited - Land of the Rising Sun?
News 2008 ARE Conference
Paranormal Pastor: The Vampire's Ghost of Guadalajara
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 22nd
Is the USS Salem haunted?
Ghostly Canandaigua
Encounters With The Unexplained: Haunted Italy
Ghost Stories: St. Augustine Revisited

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Friday, August 22, 2008



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UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics
UFO Theater: Life After People
Through A Mirror: The Realms of The Dead - Intangible Materiality
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Houston, Texas
Raelianews: Reply To Robert Hastings Veteran UFO Researcher

John McCain Is Your Pick for Alien Invasion President
The Advanced Civilization vs. Basic Human Rights
Crop Circle totals for the world - as of Aug 21st
Colin Andrews website - updates
Armada of UFOs buzzing Northern Territory

Daily Conspiracy: Reptilians
UFO Media Matters: Betty And Barney Hill Part 2
Betty Hill And Barney Hill: Profiles In Courage Part 1
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Millington, MI
A Second look at Billy Meier - The Chronicles of the Watchers
UFO from aircraft near memphis, TN
Bigfoot Grifters: “Everyone Knew We Were Lying.”
Earthfiles - UFOs and 14th Century Black Death
Ride a Maglev Rocket to Space Hotel in 2012
Sloan Digital: Changing How Scientists Do Astronomy

Rickmat Is New Bigfoot Blog for the boys
Disclosure Host: Ufo Propulsion and Tesla secrets - Listen Now!
Nevada desert, there's something out there-the Black Mailbox
Buyer keen on caravan park UFO hot spot
Paranormal group probes strange goings-on in Shropshire
UFOs spotted at campaign, candidate's aides say
So. Alberta UFO Explodes - Photos
UFO spotted above Burnley?
More mystery lights seen in Ripon skies
Vernon, British Columbia Disk UFO - Photos
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - California
Vernon, British Columbia Three Glowing Objects - Photos
UFO Caught on National Geographic documentary
Boyce, Louisiana 4 Or 5 Huge Orange Lights Above The Trees
Brooklyn, New York Ball Shaped Object With Flaming Tail
Wolves in the fold-can you trust your neighborhood ufologist?
Probe Into UFOs Spotted Over Mallorca’s North Coast
Commander Graham Bethune - Ufos and the US Air Force
UFOMystic - UFO Weirdne ss - Nick Redfern
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 21st
Astral Unveiling - Danielle Lee
Lake County Paranormal Radio - Aug 24th
ParaWomenRadio With Amy and Kristy - Aug 28th
Stalking the spirits of The Nugget
A high-tech search for spirits
Demonology from a Roman Catholic perspective
Daily Grail - 'Medium' Moves to Reality
Spook sleuths hunt for haunted
Haunted Leeds investigates Yorkshire Post Newspapers
Ghost Knocked Me Down Because I Called Him a Wuss
From the Shadows: Mom’s Ghost is Still Watching
Exoplanet Of The Day - Adam Korbitz
ESA : Hubble sees magnetic monster in active galaxy
ESA - Rosetta visually tracks asteroid Steins
Cryptomundo -Mystery Man Named
Cryptomundo - Lawyers Debate: Can Biscardi Litigate?
Rickmat is Bigfoot - Rochester Paranormal

204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page
198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

Thursday, August 21, 2008



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The Aetherius Society; An Interview With Richard Lawrence
The Blogsquatcher: Interview with Nick Redfern, pt 1.
UFO believer offers ET briefing to Obama
Nick Redfern - Karl Shuker interviewed
UFOs and the White House - History Channel - Sept 3rd 11pm
Sands of time - Ancient past and the way we live today
UFO Caught on National Geographic documentary

Radio: Ufo Propulsion and Tesla secrets - Listen Now!
The Blogsquatcher: Interview with Nick Redfern

Gossip Lady ghost hunting at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse
Bigfoot Hoaxers Still On the Lam - Fox News
Poltergeists and Our Plastic Reality
Strange Guests
Fall of Related Objects: Tribute to Charles Fort

Alien Worlds Mag - Stan Friedman on UFO Skeptics and SETI
AP VIDEO: Bigfoot Claim Is Just a Big Hoax
UFO spotted above Burnley?
More N.J. UFO Sightings - MUFON New Jersey
More UFO sightings reported - Loughborough
Filer’s Files #33
Numerous Lights On A Large UFO - Pennsylvania
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Alexandria, LA
UFO Sighting: Ellicott City, Maryland - Aug 13th
UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
Harps fans see UFO-type lights
Bright Multicolored UFO in Hong Kong
Writing “The UFO Mafia”
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 21st
If civilization discovered on mars will you lose your religion?
Robert Barrow: Bio Notes on Ivan T. Sanderson
Fyffe prepares for 'UFO' days
UFO Mystic - The $10,000 UFO Challenge - Greg Bishop
Exoplanets: No Core, No Life? - Adam Korbitz
Paranormal News - Burn
Paranormal Radio w/ Chad Lewis - Aug 27th
Stillwater medium links the dead with the living
Mediums feel the power - but I can't get into the spirit
Ghost Hunting At Heritage Junction

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June Alien Casebook articles on one page

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Updated approx - 9:00am - 1:00pm - 5:00pm - 9pm ET

Philadelphia Weirdness - Night brings the hag
Frame 352: "Crazy Bear" and UFOs
The Shadow World of UFOs
Waiting for ET's call
‘Evil spirits’ possess 25 high school students in Mindoro
Denver CC sidesteps the ballot initiative process - Jeff Peckman
Calgary And Edmonton, Alberta Various Sightings
Roche Lake Coquihalla Area BC Meteor Sighting
Victoria, Vancouver Island BC A Large Silver/Gray Object
Windsor Ontario An Oval Shaped UFO
North Sooke Vancouver Island, BC Elongated Metal UFO
Vallejo, CA Tiny Blue Object Coming Out Of Large UFO
Blanford Forum/ Dorset UK Bright Light
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Object Looked Like It Was On Fire
Tile Hill, Coventry UK Nine Orange Lights
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England Three Spherical Object
Hinckley Leicestershire UK A Dark Diamond Shaped Object
Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports: Vehicle Interference
A Novel Multidisciplinary Study of the UFO Phenomenon
Robot Aliens - Adam Korbitz
Whitley Strieber - UFO Travel
The Future of Evidence in a Mysterious World
NASA Skylab: Mystery UFO and Groom Lake photos
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Chicago, IL
UFO ERA: Inside ufology - Sep, '88
Budd Hopkins Ask What Type Of UFO Person Are You
Cow mutilation photos

The Times - Chile promotes UFO tourism
Ghost Tour Guide
Is this a picture of a Tewkesbury ghost?
Crazy Bears and UFOs
Chile touts intergalactic ties with 'UFO trail'
UFO: Movie Article Chronology
UFOs - Bucks County, PA - Fox News
UFO sightings around the world - Sight unseen
Alien contactee Alex Collier comes out of hiatus
Crop circles - Wilshire, Bedfordshire and Hampshire
The Crystal Kingdom - Danielle Lee

Evansville UFO Report: Latest Area Sighting in Jasper,IN
UFO Sighting: Sylacauga, Alabama; Aug 19th
UFO USO,Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia ,Canada
World UFOs: UFO Sighting Reports -Aug 11th - HBCC
UFO Sighting Reports Aug 2nd - HBCC
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Michigan Aug 20th
New Sightings Germany Video
More Sky Fishing UFO Photos - Aug 9th
Explosions in Canada and strange crafts everywhere
UFO Magazine: UFOs Over Arizona and Hopi Prophecy
Poll: Aliens No Threat To God - Adam Korbitz
Alien Realities: Alien Superiority Complex
UFO - retro tribute to 50's Ufo movies
The story of the Crop Circle
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 20th
Haunted: Crawford Road, Yorktown, VA - Aug 12th
Paranormal News: The man in the alley
Paranormal News: Shirt of many colors
Mammoth cave - world's largest haunted place
Ghost hunters set sights on Theodores tavern
The Wallingford Haunting - Ghosts, Ouija and Possession
Livingston County Park Ghosts
Radio: The Paracast with Nick Pope - Aug 24th
Paranormal Radio with Brooks Agnew - Aug 25th
Radio: TOGA and Ghosts talk - Listen Now!
Radio: Paranormal Talk with Chris Balzano - Aug 26th
Daily Grail - Bigfoot's House of Cards
Bigfoot in a Freezer: Don't Get So Excited - Regan Lee
Now Here’s Some WORTHWHILE Bigfoot News
Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period - NYTimes
10 Solar System Mysteries
Bad News: Insterstellar Travel May Remain in Science Fiction

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Fox News - Chief of Police fires Bigfoot hoaxer

Bigfoot ‘Corpse’ Had a Rubber Foot-It Was a Costume
UFO Sighting At Bridgnorth?
A Resident Ghost
Ex-Salem cop finds fulfillment channeling spirit world
Sydney, NS- Disc Shaped UFO Lands And Leaves Burn Marks
The Crystal Kingdom
UFOMystic - Mass Monster Mash - Nick Redfern
UFO ERA: Inside ufology - Dec, '87
British Skeptic Tries to Duplicate Meier’s UFO Films
Fortean Times UnCon 2008
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 19th
Catholics and Alien Life Forms -It's OK To Believe In Aliens
UK UFO sightings - updated regularly online by dandare
Alien abductions, alien induction, videos and interviews

Orange rugby ball-shaped UFOs seen in Winchmore Hill
UFO Sighting - 1970's - Calumet City, IL
Unidentified FRAKKIN’ Objects - Summer of 81
Video: Varginha, ufo incident 1996 brasil
YouTube - UFO over Melbourne, Australia Documentary
Dr. Simeon Hein on The Scooter McGee Show
Is it normal to be interested in the paranormal?
Warren Feeney wants chance to haunt the Scots
Ghost hunts in old town
Ghost hunters set sights on Theodores' tavern

Mirrors on the Moon as a Galactic Greeting Card
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Paris, France
Couple puzzled by mystery white lights
ET, Phone an Anger Management Class
Video: Orange luminous ufo 4th jan 2008 in France
Rebecca Cushing: Personal UFO experience - July 18, 08
Local UFO expert reports back on mysteries of the sky - Illinois
ETs Have Invaded Roswell-Capitalizing on Conspiracy
Essays on Aliens – Writing Secrets
Police Constable Abducted by Aliens 1980
Spies and fMRIs - Spies, lies and polygraph tape
Orange Orbs - C2C and orb images
Host Bodies: UFO Sighting
MUFON-LA - Duane Tudahl - Aug 19th
Ancient Art
Radio: Six Degrees Third with Donald Ware Aug 25th
Paranormal Radio - Joseph Farrell - Strange Stuff Aug 22nd
Paranormal Radio - Fred Silva - Crop Circles Aug 21st
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 19th
Fortean Times UnCon 2008
Daily Grail - Secret Chamber Quest Continues
Crop Circles - Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire - Aug 18th
Crop Circles - Oliver’s Castle, Wiltshire - Aug 16th
PR: TAPS Family Member Start Parazona Talk Radio
The Man Who Wasn't There
Spooky timing for Olympics photo-finding
Ghost hunters return for paranormal seminar
Ghost Tours Spice up Calgary History
Haunted Hoax
The Wallingford Haunting
Rethinking David Thompson - Medium - by Michael Prescott
The Blog squatcher: Warrants issued?
National Geographic: Bigfoot Discovery Declared a Hoax

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198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

Monday, August 18, 2008


Canada's Ex-Defence Minister on UFO Disclosure
Latest UFO Sighting Reports for August 18, 2008
UFO days to kick off this weekend - Ft. Payne, AL
MyFox -Local Residents Snap Pictures Of Possible UFOs
UFO Identified As A Chinese Lantern
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 18th

Nick Redfern at Crypto-Conference
Star Trek warp drive is a possibility, say scientists
UFO ERA: An explanatory hypothesis of Aliens
Hyde Park, London UK Inverted Horseshoe Shaped UFOs
Hobbema, Alberta Triangle UFO As Large As A Football Field
Waterborough, New Brunswick UFO Hovers Over An Open Field
Northeast Of Brandon, Manitoba Tube Like White Colored UFO
North Bay, Ontario Lights Looked Like A Disco Ball

Squatchdetective Radio: Bigfoot on ice Pt2 - 8:00pm tonight
The Ghost of Owen Hart
HPI Hits the Streets of San Francisco: Haight Ashbury
The Beyond: Introduction To An Open Mind

For Candor, Try History - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Video: UFO over my house
Video: UFO impressive capture Canada prospect bay
Video: UFO Footage from Romania
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Beech Grove, IN
UFO over Bridlington Bay, East Yorkshire - UK
A UFO is captured in photos - UK
Sturrock Panel Report on UFO Physical Evidence-The Hive
FOIA Requests Declassified Documents
Science, Proof And The UFO - The Hive
The Gralien-Could NASA Probes Explain Some Crashed UFOs?
Blast from the past: CSETI Mexico City Sightings - The Hive
An alien eye for art in auto design and architecture
Monsters, Ghosts and Gods: Why We BelieveGhost Hunt

Plasma Life Forms - Aliens From a Parallel Earth
Extraterrestrial cowboy?
Mogul Didn't Matter - Kevin Randle
Pt. 3 The metaphysics of the UFO - Intangible Materiality
Bigfoot In My Freezer - Is, Ufo In My Barn - Next?
Hiding In Plain Sight - Watching
8 questions for astronaut Buzz Aldrin
We Are Not Alone
Gary Bates speaks about Ed Mitchell’s recent disclosurerd
47blog: "Alien Casebook"
New Sky Fishing photos
England, UK A Dark Flying Disc Shaped UFO
Ottawa, Ontario Giant Orb Just Above The Trees
Newton, Kansas Giant Moon Sized UFO Glides Through The Sky
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Madison, WI
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Sedona, Arizona
UFOs Over UK August 2oo8 :Video
There Are Strange Things Over Kansas City
Radio:Paranormal/Michigan Makeup Late show-Aug 18th
Radio: Eye to the Sky-The UFO Synopsis-Dr. Robert LeLieuvre
The possession on Anneliese Michel - Documentary
Shamans, Ghosts and Exorcisms
This Is Not A Moldy Orange
You're Not in the Matrix
Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids
The Gralien Report -The Community Weighs In
Will The Real Bigfoot Please Stand Up?

204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page
198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

Sunday, August 17, 2008


UFO or USO near amusement park at Galveston, Texs gulf
"Roswell revisited" in Sichuan province - China
Proof that Aliens exist - The $10,000 challenge!
Conclusion: White Horse Pub in Overton Has Ghosts
Elvis' Ghost Has Entered the Building
The Bible and the Paranormal Part 2: UFOs

UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Wyandotte, MI
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Brazil
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Anaheim, Calif
UFO Theater: Ancient of Days
UFO Sighting: Indianapolis, Indiana; August 14th
Edgar Mitchell's Roswell - Pentagon Briefing
Speaker pledges continued forum for UFO facts
Video: Are aliens targeting Wales?
Agency gives OK to Area 51 workers - compensation
Former Area 51 workers eligible for aid
United Nuclear Moving - Bob Lazar
Radio: As you Wish - James Gilliland - Listen Now!
Radio: UFO Undercover-Linda Moulton Howe-Listen Now!
Radio: Paranormal Radio with David Sereda - Aug 18th
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Aug 23rd
Radio: Paranormal Radio - Larry Flaxman - Aug 20th
Radio: Spirits Radio - Jim O'Rear - Aug 30th
Crop Circle Barton Springs, Bedfordshire - Aug 14th
Crop Circle Etchilhamptonl, Wiltshire Aug 15th
Honoring Your Emotions & Experiences
Does the Individual Create Mass Corruption?
Investigators seek to document paranormal activities
Ghost hunters search Putnam, again
The Ghost of Old Man Minor
Out of Body Experience Techniques
Damn Data - Bigfoot or big fat fake?

August UFO Alien Paranormal Casebook
July UFO Alien Paranormal Casebook
June UFO Alien Paranormal Casebook