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Burnaby, BC Seven Disc Shaped UFOs
UFO Pilgrim - Humans
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Brisbane, Australia
Bogles In Beckindale - UFOs were very big in 1980
Top 10 Strangest Things
Germans Or Aliens?
The Black Vault Radio with guest Bill Knell
Killbear Provincial Park, Parry Sound, Ontario - UFO sighting
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Houston, Texas
Yuma Arizona Video - UFO or Planet?
UFO Pilot: Ralph Ring Pt.1
My Paranormal Life - has moved - make note!
Collingdale, PA - Green/Blue Colored Sphere
Livingston, MT, Strange UFO Caught On Film (photos)
Hull, East Yorkshire, England A Star Like Ball
Beltinge, Kent, England A Bright Orange Glow
Cryptomundo - Lawyers Debate: Can Biscardi Litigate?
LA Times: Weird Los Angeles: Weirdness In The Waters
Internet Archive Wayback MachineViruses, Sprinters And UFOs
UFOs A Plenty - ULC Tribal: Universal Life Church Inter-Tribal
The USS Supply UFO Sighting
Odds & Ends: UFOs and the Democratic National Convention
Under the spell of a ghost called Ralph
Alien culture hits Central CoastThe Alien's Backbone Pt1
Video: Images of Pulsating Object-South-Central U.S.
Rocket Explodes With NASA Experiments on Board
The Art of WW III: Unifying Archetypes of Apocalypse
Will we ever be able to prove the existence of ghosts?
Waiting for ET's call
Spitzer Takes Family Portrait of Stars - "Celestal Geode"
Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - Aug 22-24
The Cepheus Flare Lights the Entrance to Wolf's Cave
Podcast: Gravity - Universe Today (1st of a series)
See Trio of Planets at Sunset
Sick of Griefers, YouTube Vloggers Start Members-Only Site
Could There Be Life On Titan? - Adam Korbitz
38 people make reservations for space hotel
A Plague of Angels
Charles Bonnet Syndrome
UFO Mystic - Time Travel & UFOs - Nick Redfern
Ann Strieber's `UFO' Observations - A Rebuttal
Whitley Strieber speaking in Sedona & Bay area -Sept 13,26,28th
Paranormal Explorers Capture Ghostly Apparition
Earliest Known Human Had Neanderthal Qualities
Destroyed in Seconds - New for Discovery Channel
The Paracast with Nick Pope - Aug 24th
UFO Paranormal radio with David Andrew
Radio:Jennifer Cupples Discusses Pyramids and..-Listen Now!
Radio: Crystal skulls and Stephen Mehler - Listen Now!
Radio:Consciousness Change - 8-Circuit Model-Listen Now
Paranormal Radio with Brooks Agnew - Aug 25th
Paranormal Radio - UFOs in Wisconsin - Aug 27th
LA Times - UFO over Los Angeles, November 26, 1904

The Crop Circle Story and Human Consciousness
M6 Motorway Around Stoke/Stafford Orange Object
Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk UK A Fiery Orange Object
Ashord, UK Object Moves In Circles
Rochdale Lancs UK Bright Light
Stillwater, NJ Green Trail Of Some Fiery Substance
Walking between both worlds belonging to none
Ghost tours sell out
Mississauga, Ontario Two Unknown Objects
Spooky spectaculars
Radio: The Paranormal Party of The Summer - Aug 29th
The flags been raised - UK
Researcher of paranormal to speak at Ripon Library
Big George asks - Is there anyone out there - $10,000
But we’re sure they’re upscale ghosts
Local group searches for proof of the paranormal
Native American Perspective on th e ET phenomena
The Gralien - Roswell Revisited - Land of the Rising Sun?
News 2008 ARE Conference
Paranormal Pastor: The Vampire's Ghost of Guadalajara
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 22nd
Is the USS Salem haunted?
Ghostly Canandaigua
Encounters With The Unexplained: Haunted Italy
Ghost Stories: St. Augustine Revisited

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