Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Fox News - Chief of Police fires Bigfoot hoaxer

Bigfoot ‘Corpse’ Had a Rubber Foot-It Was a Costume
UFO Sighting At Bridgnorth?
A Resident Ghost
Ex-Salem cop finds fulfillment channeling spirit world
Sydney, NS- Disc Shaped UFO Lands And Leaves Burn Marks
The Crystal Kingdom
UFOMystic - Mass Monster Mash - Nick Redfern
UFO ERA: Inside ufology - Dec, '87
British Skeptic Tries to Duplicate Meier’s UFO Films
Fortean Times UnCon 2008
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 19th
Catholics and Alien Life Forms -It's OK To Believe In Aliens
UK UFO sightings - updated regularly online by dandare
Alien abductions, alien induction, videos and interviews

Orange rugby ball-shaped UFOs seen in Winchmore Hill
UFO Sighting - 1970's - Calumet City, IL
Unidentified FRAKKIN’ Objects - Summer of 81
Video: Varginha, ufo incident 1996 brasil
YouTube - UFO over Melbourne, Australia Documentary
Dr. Simeon Hein on The Scooter McGee Show
Is it normal to be interested in the paranormal?
Warren Feeney wants chance to haunt the Scots
Ghost hunts in old town
Ghost hunters set sights on Theodores' tavern

Mirrors on the Moon as a Galactic Greeting Card
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Paris, France
Couple puzzled by mystery white lights
ET, Phone an Anger Management Class
Video: Orange luminous ufo 4th jan 2008 in France
Rebecca Cushing: Personal UFO experience - July 18, 08
Local UFO expert reports back on mysteries of the sky - Illinois
ETs Have Invaded Roswell-Capitalizing on Conspiracy
Essays on Aliens – Writing Secrets
Police Constable Abducted by Aliens 1980
Spies and fMRIs - Spies, lies and polygraph tape
Orange Orbs - C2C and orb images
Host Bodies: UFO Sighting
MUFON-LA - Duane Tudahl - Aug 19th
Ancient Art
Radio: Six Degrees Third with Donald Ware Aug 25th
Paranormal Radio - Joseph Farrell - Strange Stuff Aug 22nd
Paranormal Radio - Fred Silva - Crop Circles Aug 21st
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 19th
Fortean Times UnCon 2008
Daily Grail - Secret Chamber Quest Continues
Crop Circles - Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire - Aug 18th
Crop Circles - Oliver’s Castle, Wiltshire - Aug 16th
PR: TAPS Family Member Start Parazona Talk Radio
The Man Who Wasn't There
Spooky timing for Olympics photo-finding
Ghost hunters return for paranormal seminar
Ghost Tours Spice up Calgary History
Haunted Hoax
The Wallingford Haunting
Rethinking David Thompson - Medium - by Michael Prescott
The Blog squatcher: Warrants issued?
National Geographic: Bigfoot Discovery Declared a Hoax

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