Saturday, August 9, 2008


UFO Stalker-UFo Sighting, Elizabeth, NJ
Philadelphia Experiment and Other Ufo Conspiracies
UFO ERA: About our interaction with aliens

Video: Streaking Alien
Can our TV signals be picked up on other planets?
Photo: Bright UFO - Orizaba, Mexico - July 26, 2008
Witness: Massive V-shaped craft sighted 1996 or 97
X-Conf: The Politics of UFOs
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting - Elizabeth, New Jersey
Pedal to the Metal: UFO Car Chases
The Queens Of The American Witch
Hollow Moon Theory Rings a Bell - Micah A. Hanks
First radio signal detected from beyond solar system

UFO sightings in UK this year reach 150
The Last Theorem
UFO Pilgrim - John Keel quote...
The Gralien - Happy Au8ust Ei8hth!
The Labyrinthine Search
The Gralien - Could Earth’s Moon be an Alien Satellite?
Students steer clear of school - paranormal
Moses and the Spaceships of the Gods - UFO Digest
Another UFO Sighting In Long Island, NY
Richard Dolan On ‘The Admiral Wilson UFO Story'
This Is Simply Beautiful - Adam Korbitz
Perseid Meteor Shower has begun - peaks August 12
Two brazen women breach Area 51 gate
The Last Theorem - Sir Arthur Clarke - Frederik Pohl
Shag Harbour Festival - This weekend
Video: UFO Hessdalen - Norway
Video: Louisville haunt to be made into hotel
Cape Otway ghost hunt on
Spooky sponsorship for haunted house
Waverly AMVETS have no doubt of ghostly presence
Radio: The Paranormal Party of The Summer - Aug 15
Radio: The Paranormal Realm- Aug 15
Radio: Alexandra Holzer - Paranormal - Aug 14
Strange Days: A mysterious airship at Caerphilly
What Remote Viewing Tells Us About UFOs and ETs
Spirits of Greece - Ghost Hunting
This Week On Dreamland - Incredible Experiences
Cracker Barrel UFO Stories
Video: UFO's in the UK Media
UFO Stalker-Ufo Sighting - Fayetteville, WV

Friday, August 8, 2008


Ed Mitchell-Roswell Revelations and Pentagon Briefing
Video: UFO Hessdalen - Norway
Shag Harbour Festival - This Weekend
Crop Circles: Wiltshire and Oxfordshire-UK

UFO Mystic - UFO Book From 1871 - Greg Bishop
Blast from the past: UFOs and the United Nations -The Hive
Another Interview: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on Campbell Live
Indiana UFO Invasion
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Denton, Texas
URO ERA: Do we have Alien Technology?
Blast from the past:The UN Gets a Warning About UFOs-The Hive
He's right...If we don’t hunt for Martians, the terrorists win
Apollo Astronaut Believes in Aliens
UFONAUT Radio - Don Schmitt- Aug 10th
Do You Believe?
Blast from the past:Fear of UFO attack spurs program-The Hive
Paranormal Conferences - Alexandra Holzer
Paranormal Group studies activity

Out of the blue, into the black - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
They’re tired of the ‘giggle factor’
Deep sea UFOs: Unidentified Submerged Objects
Rasputin was an Indigo - Danielle Lee
Perth Amboy celebrates 325th anniversary with ghost tour
V's Alien Infestation Is Back
Military Probes Mystery Blast in Arctic
Atlantis, Paranormal Theory
UFO Magazine- Hollow Moon Theory Rings a Bell...
UFO Magazine - 'UFO Hunters' invade Socorro
CERN Announces LHC Switch-On
An Island of Calm in a Violent Universe
Photos Of Green UFO - The Book Of THoTH
The fears of the doomsdayer's will be tested on September 10th
UFO sightings around the world - Sight Unseen

UFO Media Matters: The Strategic Saucer
The Dallas Morning News-Galactic Freedom Day
Radio: Billy Meier-Fact or Fiction? with Michael Horn-Aug 15
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, ChiCkasha, OK
Another UFO at Sierra de la Ventana
Why beaming messages could destroy our planet
Kimball, Smith, Bush and MJ-12 - Stanton Friedman
UFOMystic - UFO at Aztec - Nick Redfern
Part I: E.T.s
Part II: UFOs
The Gralien -A Healthy Dose of Extraterrestrial Attitude
Will President Obama tell us the truth about UFOs?
Admiral never looked for data-comments by Regan Lee
Mystery lights in sky
Behind the Flying Saucers: It's Back!-Nick Redfern
X-Conf: Nick Pope - Britain's Continuing UFO Project
X-Conf:UFOs Press Conference
The Most Important Generation - Michio Kaku
Ancient Martian Clays Suggest Life, Water
Daily Grail: News Briefs Aug 8th
UFOMystic - The Weird Weekend - Nick Redfern
Rasputin was an Indigo - Danielle Lee
Why the Paranormal is Normal
Paranormal Sciences
Radio:The Paranormal Reality - Aug 8th
Radio: Paranormal Women - Aug 14th
Bill Hicks On UFO’s
Ghostly Apparition Photographed at Gloucester Docks
Haunted Waverly Hills Sanatorium May Become Hotel
Spooky Waverly Hills may return as hotel
Newbury today goes ghost-hunting
Video: Ghost at Asheville High School
Video: Blockbuster ghost
The Three Ghosts
Haunted South Africa
Light in sky over Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Armchair astronomer discovers unique 'cosmic ghost
Culture of Contact: Field Trip, Fairies, and Jeff Ritzmann
UFO sightings - It's time for an official inquiry.
A Chilling Insight Into the Extraterrestrial Life
UFO ERA: The origin of "Krill" by Bill Cooper
Paranormal, Cryptid and Extraterrestrial Events
The Paranormal Pastor: The Witch Cave of Une
The Mirrored World Beyond
Surpise guest - UFO and energy expert Aug 9th-ummm Greer?
The Anti-Muldar Society - I don't want to believe
Kimball, Smith, Bush and MJ-12, By Stanton Friedman
Book: Philip J. Imbrogno Explains it All
UFO Sighting in Romsley Near Clent Hills, Stourbridge, UK

Alienation news: UFO FLAP - Russia
UFO Propulsion Systems
Edgar Mitchell's Roswell Revelations and Pentagon Briefing
Vintage UFO: MIB History in America - Regan Lee
It's Not Exactly The Disclosure Project
Galactic Federation of Light Alien Ship first Contact
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Indiana
UFOMystic - The Uncon - Nick Redfern
UFO-The Future Challenge
The Truth is Out There: UFOs and government inaction
Alien Realities: alien contact
British Astronomer Warns Of Alien Attack!
Radio: Galactic Freedom Day - Aug 8th
Radio: Friends of EUP with Timothy Good - Aug 7th
Radio: UFO Paranormal radio-Stephen Bassett - Listen Now!
JRSG is adventure into unusual and 'transcendent phenomena
UFOs: Flying Emotions - Seth Shostak
UFO Sighting in Romsley Near Clent Hills, Stourbridge, UK
The Firestorm: Dr. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science
Crop Circle Shrivenham, Oxfordshire Aug 1
Crop Circle Beckhampton, Wiltshire Aug 3rd
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 7th
Radio: The Lucifer Project - Listen Now!
VIDEO: Ghost Haunting Metro Area Restaurant?
Daily Grail - Parapsychologist Dean Radin is Everywhere
Randi on Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Regan Lee
UFO sceptics report sightings in Kings Heath
Prince George - Sighting among few still unexplained
Official UFO investigator ID card
An Astronaut's Crusade - Steve Bass
Haverhill - burial ground among the most haunted?
Paranormal News: The Spirit Advocate
Film makes old jail even scarier
Ashland landmark search for paranormal activity
Ghosts Chasers will appear on Spirit Radio-Aug 16th
Daily Grail - Remote Viewing Case Study

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Cracking the Question of Extraterrestrial Life
Admiral: Never looked for UFO data - Billy Cox
Angelic Extraterrestrials - Danielle Lee
VIDEO: Have pals captured evidence of aliens?
Part 1: The Difference Between This and That
Showcase Blog Site - Sky Fishing For UFOs
ECETI Ranch 2008 - Mt. Adams, Washington - James Gilliland
Brane Space: Is Scientific UFO Inquiry Possible?

Is there evidence that aliens are flying over us?
UFO Flaps - A Context for Scientific Study - The Hive
Rendezvous with UFOs and Anomalous Propaganda
Aura Vision Predictions
A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory- The Hive
The Meier Photos and Videos
The Importance of UFO Waves - The Hive
Strange Waves - USO Report
Opportunity Rover Finds Timber
UFO Hunters invade Socorro
The Gralien Report - Opening the UFO Inbox
UFO Patterns & Predictions - The Hive
UFO ERA: English posts the definitive info on the Krill papers - Man Catches UFO on Video
UFO VIDEO:The truth is out there
VIDEO - A must watch - Quantum physics for dummies
Why We Should Investigate UFO Sightings
The UFO Proletariat: UFO Fascists-Regan Lee
Snarly Skepticism: Disingenuous Infiltration - Regan Lee
The Differences Between This and That
UFO festival this weekend
Dick Hall calls for purge of UFO UpDates
Extraordinary Claims, Mundane Explanations
BBC: Can our TV signals be picked up on other planets?
UFOMystic - Puerto UFOs
X-Conf: Grant Cameron: Glimpses of UFO Disclosure
AFP News: DIA Involved in Spy vs Spy on the Internet
UFO sightings - It's time for an official inquiry
New Discipline for a New Paradigm
Screening:The Silent Revolution of Truth - Aug 13th
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 6th
The Rocketeer - Adam Korbitz
It’s The Leprechaun-Alien! - Greg Bishop
UFO-Mary: Orbs and Roses and the Continuum
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Aug 12th
Angelic Extraterrestrials-The Spirit Guide-Danielle Lee
Paranormal investigator wants to run tests in E.B.
Ashland landmark searched for paranormal activity
Paranormal expert seeks Fort Sewall ghosts
Radio: The witches castle - Aug 9th
Radio: Diversity, Mysti Mayhem - Aug 12th
Radio:Paranormal Investigators-New England -Aug 12th
Evolution of an Entity - Danielle Lee
Is the Tower of London Haunted?-Doc Paranormal
Hunt on for Blackpool's scariest ghost stories
Radio: A Skeptic's Look at the Paranorma Aug 7th

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Science and the Paranormal
Hitler and the occult - Real history of the third Reich
The Parnormal-New science of the 21st century
Allison on Ghost Chronicles International
EVP assistant
EVP maker
Debunking pseudo-skeptical arguments of debunkers
When ghosts attack
UFOs…Why They Remain Illusive
Monster Hunter-Earth versus The Flying Saucers-1956
The Sociological Aspects
Daily Grail - Aug 5th
UFOs in Maine
Maine Mysteries: UFO Sightings in Maine
Truth is out there somewhere
Astrotabletalk: Of Eclipses and Crop Circles
VSF and 15 mm Science Fiction Gaming: Mr Nick Redfern
The Government of Canada Supports Shag Harbour Incident Society
X-Conf: Richard Dolan - National Security and UFOs
McCain Requested USAF Investigate Phoenix Lights
Extraordinary explanations
Confessions Of A Real Ghost Hunter
Chemical discovery on Mars stumps Phoenix team
Chemtrails: Letter to the Danish Government
New word: Astrobioethics - Ethical relationship to non-earthly life
UFO sighting still haunts
Galactic Freedom day to expose secret agreements?
Alien Abductions: A Journey Of Personal Growth
Home alone with the ghosties
Overactive Imagination or Something Else?
Chopsticks: Grandmother's funeral
Are Spirits Real?
Wisemanism - Cabinet of Wonders
UFOMystic - Knights Templar To Sue Vatican - Greg Bishop
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting Portugal
Look, up in the sky: N.B. reports record number of UFOs
Barnstaple North Devon Bright Object Splits Into Three
UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
I was kidnapped by aliens
Is there evidence that aliens are flying over us?
Four Corners area to be site of presentation by UFO Abductee
Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Disinformation
Artistic Recreation of ET Visiting Space Shuttle
Getting Paranormal with EERIE-Radio
The Paranormal View - Radio - Aug 6
Paranormal State “Haunted Ranch” Report Card
Ghost investigators wanted - Swindon
Killarney Mountain Lodge, Ontario Bright Light
Nepean, Ontario Orb
Transcona, Manitoba A Huge Triangle (UFO)
New Jersey-A Fiery Green Object
Lexington, MI- More Witnesses To Sighting At Indian Lake, OH
Aeolus Kephas on Streiber - Regan Lee
UFOMystic -The Paranormal, and Multi-Dimensions
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Woodstock, GA
Video: UFO Over East Yorkshire - Aug 2
Book Review: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe
UFOs at close sight
Video: UFO in Giappone
Wyoming Disc Photos
Was alien contactee Billy Meier given predictions of the future?
Book Review: The Hidden Whisper

Monday, August 4, 2008


UFO Sighting Reports Aug 4th
UFO: The True Story of Flying Saucers-Robert Barrow
UFO: Attention Theater Owners-Robert Barrow
UFO - For Newspaper Entertainment Editors-Robert Barrow
UFO Over Gran Canaria?
A Roswell, NM towns person interview
Jason Martell - Coast to Coast - Planet X 2008
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom A Round Pearl Like UFO
Sydney, Australia Two Disc UFOs
Moncton, NB - A Unknown White Round Object
Hanover, Ontario Unknown Objects
Lake Worth, Florida - Triangular And Rectangular UFOs
Report: Mars Less Habitable Than Previously Thought
UFO Videos: Moscow, Columbia, NY, Utah, Toronto, France
Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm
Video: Strange Lights-Muskoka Wharf-Gravenhurst, Ont
Hanover, Ontario Unknown Objects
UFO ERA: Info leak on Majic data
UFOINFO - UFO Sightings
Possible UFO Landing-Western MD
NASA Denies White House Briefing, Life On Mars
US's continued negligence of restricted airspace violations by Unidentified Aerial Objects
Nick Redfern and Skeptics throwing in the towel
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 4
The OrangeOrb: Musings From The Orb - Regan Lee
Did this York County man see a UFO?
Project Camelot: Renegade: Gordon Novel on Camera
Ufological Woes and Bonfire of Vanities, UFO Style
Posthuman Blues w/Dr. Leo Sprinkle -Mac Tonnies
Eye To The Sky Guest Stephen Bassett-Listen Now!
Through The Keyhole-Paola Harris - Listen Now!
Andrew Needermeyer - Manhattan Project Listen Now!
Dreamland -Joseph Farrell-Listen Now!
The Paracast Leslie Kean Aug 10
Book-Beyond UFOs
Book-The Coronado Island UFO Incident
First Contact-Astrobiology Magazine
The New Mars Conspiracy
Haunted Con Paranormal Conference 2008 - Phoenix, AZ
Waverly AMVETS have ghost story
Strange Days: The ghost of Pc. Hosea Pope
The Paranormal: A New Science of the 21st Century
Your True Tales - Jan-Aug 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008


UFO study earns University of Melbourne researcher a PhD
UFO ERA: The Majestic-12 Affair
Queensland, Australia Sparks Exploded Behind Object
Vienna Austria - Triangle Shaped UFO
Dorchester Dorset UK A Round Orange Ball Shaped UFO
Louisville, Kentucky Circular Orb Like Object Vanishes
Aliens and UFOs – What if?
Habitable zone for 70 Ophiuchi AB-biofilm on T-Rex fossils

Alien Disclosure 8-8-8
Video: Daytime Poltergeist Activity - Dog Reactions
Reality Sandwich-:Why Some Can't See Psychic Phenomena
Monsters on Coast to Coast on Sunday with Nick Redfern
A Talk with Timothy Good - 60 min.
A Natural for Court TV - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
So Now We Know What Makes the News
Daily Grail - Beyond Evolution
Dunstable Downs UK UFO Caught On Film
Windsor, Dedworth-Triangular objects coming up from ground
Cheltenham, UK Four Orange Orbs
Surrey, BC A Small Dark Object
Surrey, BC A Large White Star Like Object
Chilliwack, BC A Large White Light
Niagara Falls, Ontario UFO Changes Shape
Fresno, California A Round Disk Shaped UFO
Hwy US-31 N Travere City, Michigan An Oval UFO
Joliet Paranormal Radio - Aug 10th
Spook sleuths hunt for haunts
Wycliffe Well UFO Hotspot in Australia
Are There UFOs?
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Chehalis, WA
Video: Over New Kensignto,n PA, Aug 2
Daily Grail - Afterlife Research Controversy
UFOMystic-Close encounter classification system-Greg Bishop
Paranormal News -Let There Be Light
Return of the Ghostbusters