Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Cracking the Question of Extraterrestrial Life
Admiral: Never looked for UFO data - Billy Cox
Angelic Extraterrestrials - Danielle Lee
VIDEO: Have pals captured evidence of aliens?
Part 1: The Difference Between This and That
Showcase Blog Site - Sky Fishing For UFOs
ECETI Ranch 2008 - Mt. Adams, Washington - James Gilliland
Brane Space: Is Scientific UFO Inquiry Possible?

Is there evidence that aliens are flying over us?
UFO Flaps - A Context for Scientific Study - The Hive
Rendezvous with UFOs and Anomalous Propaganda
Aura Vision Predictions
A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory- The Hive
The Meier Photos and Videos
The Importance of UFO Waves - The Hive
Strange Waves - USO Report
Opportunity Rover Finds Timber
UFO Hunters invade Socorro
The Gralien Report - Opening the UFO Inbox
UFO Patterns & Predictions - The Hive
UFO ERA: English posts the definitive info on the Krill papers - Man Catches UFO on Video
UFO VIDEO:The truth is out there
VIDEO - A must watch - Quantum physics for dummies
Why We Should Investigate UFO Sightings
The UFO Proletariat: UFO Fascists-Regan Lee
Snarly Skepticism: Disingenuous Infiltration - Regan Lee
The Differences Between This and That
UFO festival this weekend
Dick Hall calls for purge of UFO UpDates
Extraordinary Claims, Mundane Explanations
BBC: Can our TV signals be picked up on other planets?
UFOMystic - Puerto UFOs
X-Conf: Grant Cameron: Glimpses of UFO Disclosure
AFP News: DIA Involved in Spy vs Spy on the Internet
UFO sightings - It's time for an official inquiry
New Discipline for a New Paradigm
Screening:The Silent Revolution of Truth - Aug 13th
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 6th
The Rocketeer - Adam Korbitz
It’s The Leprechaun-Alien! - Greg Bishop
UFO-Mary: Orbs and Roses and the Continuum
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Aug 12th
Angelic Extraterrestrials-The Spirit Guide-Danielle Lee
Paranormal investigator wants to run tests in E.B.
Ashland landmark searched for paranormal activity
Paranormal expert seeks Fort Sewall ghosts
Radio: The witches castle - Aug 9th
Radio: Diversity, Mysti Mayhem - Aug 12th
Radio:Paranormal Investigators-New England -Aug 12th
Evolution of an Entity - Danielle Lee
Is the Tower of London Haunted?-Doc Paranormal
Hunt on for Blackpool's scariest ghost stories
Radio: A Skeptic's Look at the Paranorma Aug 7th

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