Saturday, August 9, 2008


UFO Stalker-UFo Sighting, Elizabeth, NJ
Philadelphia Experiment and Other Ufo Conspiracies
UFO ERA: About our interaction with aliens

Video: Streaking Alien
Can our TV signals be picked up on other planets?
Photo: Bright UFO - Orizaba, Mexico - July 26, 2008
Witness: Massive V-shaped craft sighted 1996 or 97
X-Conf: The Politics of UFOs
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting - Elizabeth, New Jersey
Pedal to the Metal: UFO Car Chases
The Queens Of The American Witch
Hollow Moon Theory Rings a Bell - Micah A. Hanks
First radio signal detected from beyond solar system

UFO sightings in UK this year reach 150
The Last Theorem
UFO Pilgrim - John Keel quote...
The Gralien - Happy Au8ust Ei8hth!
The Labyrinthine Search
The Gralien - Could Earth’s Moon be an Alien Satellite?
Students steer clear of school - paranormal
Moses and the Spaceships of the Gods - UFO Digest
Another UFO Sighting In Long Island, NY
Richard Dolan On ‘The Admiral Wilson UFO Story'
This Is Simply Beautiful - Adam Korbitz
Perseid Meteor Shower has begun - peaks August 12
Two brazen women breach Area 51 gate
The Last Theorem - Sir Arthur Clarke - Frederik Pohl
Shag Harbour Festival - This weekend
Video: UFO Hessdalen - Norway
Video: Louisville haunt to be made into hotel
Cape Otway ghost hunt on
Spooky sponsorship for haunted house
Waverly AMVETS have no doubt of ghostly presence
Radio: The Paranormal Party of The Summer - Aug 15
Radio: The Paranormal Realm- Aug 15
Radio: Alexandra Holzer - Paranormal - Aug 14
Strange Days: A mysterious airship at Caerphilly
What Remote Viewing Tells Us About UFOs and ETs
Spirits of Greece - Ghost Hunting
This Week On Dreamland - Incredible Experiences
Cracker Barrel UFO Stories
Video: UFO's in the UK Media
UFO Stalker-Ufo Sighting - Fayetteville, WV

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