Sunday, August 3, 2008


UFO study earns University of Melbourne researcher a PhD
UFO ERA: The Majestic-12 Affair
Queensland, Australia Sparks Exploded Behind Object
Vienna Austria - Triangle Shaped UFO
Dorchester Dorset UK A Round Orange Ball Shaped UFO
Louisville, Kentucky Circular Orb Like Object Vanishes
Aliens and UFOs – What if?
Habitable zone for 70 Ophiuchi AB-biofilm on T-Rex fossils

Alien Disclosure 8-8-8
Video: Daytime Poltergeist Activity - Dog Reactions
Reality Sandwich-:Why Some Can't See Psychic Phenomena
Monsters on Coast to Coast on Sunday with Nick Redfern
A Talk with Timothy Good - 60 min.
A Natural for Court TV - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
So Now We Know What Makes the News
Daily Grail - Beyond Evolution
Dunstable Downs UK UFO Caught On Film
Windsor, Dedworth-Triangular objects coming up from ground
Cheltenham, UK Four Orange Orbs
Surrey, BC A Small Dark Object
Surrey, BC A Large White Star Like Object
Chilliwack, BC A Large White Light
Niagara Falls, Ontario UFO Changes Shape
Fresno, California A Round Disk Shaped UFO
Hwy US-31 N Travere City, Michigan An Oval UFO
Joliet Paranormal Radio - Aug 10th
Spook sleuths hunt for haunts
Wycliffe Well UFO Hotspot in Australia
Are There UFOs?
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Chehalis, WA
Video: Over New Kensignto,n PA, Aug 2
Daily Grail - Afterlife Research Controversy
UFOMystic-Close encounter classification system-Greg Bishop
Paranormal News -Let There Be Light
Return of the Ghostbusters

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