Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Science and the Paranormal
Hitler and the occult - Real history of the third Reich
The Parnormal-New science of the 21st century
Allison on Ghost Chronicles International
EVP assistant
EVP maker
Debunking pseudo-skeptical arguments of debunkers
When ghosts attack
UFOs…Why They Remain Illusive
Monster Hunter-Earth versus The Flying Saucers-1956
The Sociological Aspects
Daily Grail - Aug 5th
UFOs in Maine
Maine Mysteries: UFO Sightings in Maine
Truth is out there somewhere
Astrotabletalk: Of Eclipses and Crop Circles
VSF and 15 mm Science Fiction Gaming: Mr Nick Redfern
The Government of Canada Supports Shag Harbour Incident Society
X-Conf: Richard Dolan - National Security and UFOs
McCain Requested USAF Investigate Phoenix Lights
Extraordinary explanations
Confessions Of A Real Ghost Hunter
Chemical discovery on Mars stumps Phoenix team
Chemtrails: Letter to the Danish Government
New word: Astrobioethics - Ethical relationship to non-earthly life
UFO sighting still haunts
Galactic Freedom day to expose secret agreements?
Alien Abductions: A Journey Of Personal Growth
Home alone with the ghosties
Overactive Imagination or Something Else?
Chopsticks: Grandmother's funeral
Are Spirits Real?
Wisemanism - Cabinet of Wonders
UFOMystic - Knights Templar To Sue Vatican - Greg Bishop
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting Portugal
Look, up in the sky: N.B. reports record number of UFOs
Barnstaple North Devon Bright Object Splits Into Three
UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
I was kidnapped by aliens
Is there evidence that aliens are flying over us?
Four Corners area to be site of presentation by UFO Abductee
Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Disinformation
Artistic Recreation of ET Visiting Space Shuttle
Getting Paranormal with EERIE-Radio
The Paranormal View - Radio - Aug 6
Paranormal State “Haunted Ranch” Report Card
Ghost investigators wanted - Swindon
Killarney Mountain Lodge, Ontario Bright Light
Nepean, Ontario Orb
Transcona, Manitoba A Huge Triangle (UFO)
New Jersey-A Fiery Green Object
Lexington, MI- More Witnesses To Sighting At Indian Lake, OH
Aeolus Kephas on Streiber - Regan Lee
UFOMystic -The Paranormal, and Multi-Dimensions
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Woodstock, GA
Video: UFO Over East Yorkshire - Aug 2
Book Review: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe
UFOs at close sight
Video: UFO in Giappone
Wyoming Disc Photos
Was alien contactee Billy Meier given predictions of the future?
Book Review: The Hidden Whisper

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