Saturday, July 12, 2008


Dreams and the Power of Mythology
Haunted: A Haunting in Connecticut
My Strange Experience #9
Emmy Award winner Insights: An Alien Agenda?
Larry W. Bryant’s UFOview
Confessions of a Real Ghost Hunter: Pt1
Chemtrails and some of our worst nightmares
RODS: The Greatest Stories Ever Denied
Ghost Orbs, or Something Easy to Explain?
30min speech about UFOa
UFO over Howth, Ireland?
UFO Era - Questions on Aquarius
UFOs Shut Down 10 Nuke Silos at Malmstrom AFB-Videos
UFOs over Stephenville neared Bush ranch-MUFON report
Radar tracked unidentified craft near Crawford
Socrates, Caves, and Multidimensional Aliens
The Alien Underground: Picking Apart The Shaver Mystery
Unknown Sighting
Snarly Skepticism-Skeptics Fight Back? – Regan Lee
Britains Closest UFO Encounters
New Blog “Roasted Aliens”
UFO Orb in Wales, 7/11/08 -Video
UFO Orb Light Fleet over Berlin 7/11/08 - Video
The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs
UFO Undercover-Guest Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed
UFO Sighting north.of Norristown, PA-10/10/08
Texas UFO & Jets May Have Entered Restricted Airspace
Psychology & UFOs on Maritime Morning
Tipton, Indiana A Large Orange Light
UFO Era-Air force response to FOIA query-Aquarius
Black Ops Officer Who Went Missing-Dulce
Did UFOs stop a nuclear war?
Barrie, ONT- two unknown white high flying objects
Windsor, Ontario Circular UFOs
Beausejour, Manitoba-Silver angular shaped UFO
UFO gives off electrical charge –BC, Can
The Ghosts of the Asbury Church Graveyard
Defending Madison's Inn
Ghost hunters on rise with yen for answers
Ghost hunters to visit Randolph College-Video
Ghost Temple
Paranormal group finds ghost of dead soldier at Naseby
Investigating the unusual
Blog Talk Radio-The Paranormal Hour-Listen Now!
Paranormal gathering Aug. 9 in Indy

Friday, July 11, 2008


Unusual Occurrences in the Life of Rob Williams
Contactee links NWO to Manipulative Extraterrestrials
FortScape Paranormal-UFO-Fortean Conf.-Aug 16th
MUFON Special Report: Radar Data in for Stephenville
Alien Abductions: An Ontological Hall of Mirrors
Space alien guy vs Obama at Denver News Conf.
Staines, Middlesex, England UFOs Darting Around
Windsor, Ontario Circular UFOs
E. Fork Lake, Bethel OH-UFO Hovering Over Tree Line
Lincoln Park, MI-Glowing Orange Reddish Circular UFO
Anomalist – Nick Redfern
Anomalist – Betty&Barney Hill UFO abduction revisited
Demons, ghosts, hauntings, possession
Nick Redfern: There's Something in the Woods-Daily Grail
Photo of Hounslow UFO-They say there is a video
Ricky Sorrells to appear on Larry King tonight
Scarborough,ONT-UFO Passes Over Top Of Jet Aircraft
Whitley Streiber to speak at A.R.E. conference-Virginia Bch, VA
Paracast-Scientist and Author Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D.-July 13
Paracast with World traveler Klaus Dona- July 20
Cosmic occurrences Planet X -Space travel-Listen Now!
Lives are turned upside-down after UFO Sightings in Texas
UFO Mystic-We Can Stop All Abductions With Prayer
Japan UFO Hunters
Amazing UFO or Amazing Hoax?
The Women Get It - Grey Matter By Leslie
UFO passes too close to airplane
Kevin Randle-Another Mishmash of Fact
UFO Stalker-Five UFO sightings, Daytona Beach, FL
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting,Utah
The AARF Show-Stanton T. Friedman-July 17, 9pmET
UFO Era-Information about project bluebook
UFO Radio-Jerry Pippen with Louise Aveni-July 17, 6pm ET
**Caution to Hoaxers**AZ UFO Radio Warning
UFO’s Are Taking Over The UK!
Contacto Ovni-Chile 2008
A time to cogitate on mysteries above
UFOs & Beings In PA - Audio Interview
Where are the extraterrestrial civilizations?
Alien ET UFO orientation prior to 2012
Thoughts on surviving a serial killer or an alien attack
Interview with John Keel-10/73
The Roswell Legacy
NASA UFO Transmissions
Baby Boomer Galaxy Found
How Old Am I? Star Cluster Perplexes Astronomers
H20 Detected from an Unlikely Source: Moon Volcanoes
Mysterious Beings in Alaska
The Quickening- Daniell Lee
My house is haunted by a high-tech ghost
Ghostly Apparition Seen at King's Island, Limerick
The Blob's Golden Anniversary
N.J. Ghost Hunters founder to visit library
Snow Hill Inn Up for Auction: Ghost and All
Ghost Hunting
Paranormal: "Silverpilen"
Storms & the Paranormal
BlogTalkRadio-Paranormal Happenings-July 15, 9pmET
Ghostly images haunt center
Paranormal gathering Aug. 9 in Indy
What’s this from Japan, a ghost?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


UFO Media Matters - The Last Scientist Pt.2
The Phantom Hitchhiker
Abductees Speak-The Hive
A.Z. UFO Radio Show Revamped -Video
Studying the Betty & Barney Hill UFO case
10 Years of Storytelling
Looney Tunes Update
UFO captured on camera in N.Tyneside-UK
It’s a ufo twi-stery Scarisbrick nr Southport-UK
The room with the view
MUFON: A Light within the Darkness of Mystery
Precious Indigos
The Roar of the Aurora
Straight Talk About UFO Abductions
Prom sparks UFO mystery
Denver-E.T. Vote Put On Hold
Documentary explores UFO history
Hebden Bridge-Local schoolteacher says UFO woke her up
What ARE those things?
FAA ruling out bird for nose cone damage to airliner
Mexico: Santa Cecilia UFO was a Balloon
Ernie Sear’s Abduction Experience
Project Blue Book Warning
UFO captured on camera in North Tyneside
Kelowna, BC-Lights Group Together
Smithers, BC- A Brightly Illuminated UFO
Surrey, BC-A Meteorite Flashed Overhead
Surrey, BC-Object With White Strobing Lights
Millville, Nova Scotia A Large And Very Bright Object
UFO expert urges Denver to open doors - The Denver Post
The aliens are here! – Middleton UK
Radio-Ghost Whisperer- Mary Ann Winkowski-July 15, 2pm ET
Are Scientists Afraid of Ghosts?
Ghost Hunters International “Larnach Castle” Report Card
Out of the Darkness w/Chip Coffey & Ryan Buell-7/16 8pmET
The Strange Figure at Jackson Lake
Ashmore on Sci-Fi channel
Ghost Hunters Return to W. Virginia
MysteryMag- What’s new

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


UFO expert admits Islington video could be aliens
Crop Circle Hoaxers
Smithers, BC-Brightly Illuminated UFO
Piercing Husserl's Phenomenology-Pt1
More sightings over Harborough & Lutterworth Today
Flintshire Readers Report More UFO Sightings
Michael Prescott's Blog: Eerie Uri
UFO was like a 'ball of flames'
Water Found on the Moon
Rotterdam man keeps an eye peeled for UFO
ORB UFO with Chemtrail
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Morphett Vale, Augstralia
Ghost Hunters Wanted
Toronto Police Officer admits to seeing a huge UFO-2004
‘Ghost Hunters’ Returning to Weston
Bill Nye: The Skeptical Guy – Daily Grail
UFO Filmed on Camera Phone-Costa Rica
Para-Explorers – Nick Redfern
Never Alone – Danielle Lee
A collection of E.V.Ps
Psychic says goodbye –Sylvia Browne
Hellboy Appears on The Ghost Hunters
Meteor sparks fears of UFO, Iranian missiles in Israel
Lanterns Blamed Again
Farewell to the Roswell Fest until next year!
Linda Moulton-Howe on Binnall of America
Vacarisses, Barcelona Crop Circle Solved
Strange rock raises questions
Larry King Live -Thurs: Psychic Kids!
Now You See Her by Ceceila Tishy
Haunted Police Department
Paranormal Realm-Guest Fr. Daniel Garguillio-7/11 8pm ET
Ex-Evening Leader journalist is new editor of Paranormal
Paranormal experts hunt ghosts in Bisbee,Tombstone
SciFi in July-Premiers of Scare Tactics and Ghost Hunters Int.
The View Women Speak To The Ghost of Rosie O'Donnel!
Ghost medium/psychic James Van Praagh, on "The View"
I Panic in the Streets
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting, Pennsylvania
S.Melbourne, Australia Round UFO With Faint Cylinder Shape
Tribune Bay, British Columbia A Cylindrical Shaped Object
Inner Paths to Outer Space with Dr. Rick Strassman
Eugene, Oregon A Pizza Shaped UFO
Excelsior, MN Lights Moving In A Circular Pattern Around Object
South Bend, Indiana Bright Lights In A Snake Formation
Moscow, PA-An Orange Glowing Round Object
Thornton, CO-3 Bright Circular Flame Objects

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


UFO hits Florida bound airliner out of Detroit
Larry King Live to do UFOs on July 11 & 18th
Back at Official UFO Magazine
Large meteor crosses Israeli skies
Is there anyone out there?
New York City 3 White Lights In A Diagonal Line
UFOs in South America – June 9, 2008
Info about the Project Beta files
The Orion Conspiracy – Daily Grail
Parkhurst-Johannesburg, South Africa A Huge UFO
Astronaut takes photo of UFO
Military UFOs: The Truth
UFO Sightings-California, Arizona and Japan Hoax
CBC-All Points West Interview with Brian Vike
Mystery of Caversham ‘UFO’ light
Kimberly Clark gets on alien bandwagon
Reverse engineering-intelligent military space weapons
UFOs: more madness and apocalyptic fears
World’s Before our Own
My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies
Alien Abduction? Junk Science Calls It Sleep Paralysis
Squinting for clues in Tinseltown-Billy Cox
Military UFOs: The Truth-WIRED
Underground UFO base in the Himalayan border
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity
How Secret was Mogul
Shameless Self-Promotion-Nick Redfern
UFO sighting in Southport during twister mayhem
Roswell UFO festival attendance increases
Man tells how he was abducted by UFO
Ball Of Fire Spotted On Heathrow And Gatwick Flight path
Flintshire readers report more UFO sightings
Spirits on the move at haunted hotel
Paranormal devotees stalk Victoria's ghosts
List of UFO events - Regan Lee
Analysing a phantom airship crash
Blinded by the Right
Greg Bishop's report-Day2
More sightings of Hounslow UFO
Emmy Award winner Insights: An Alien Agenda?

ET initiative draws UFO enthusiast
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting Taos, NM
UFO sighting in south Norfolk
Did YOU spot the UFO flying above Abertillery?
The 39th International UFO Conference
Astral Projection Techniques

Monday, July 7, 2008


The Super Secret Alien Government Conspiracy
UFO Swarms Videotaped by NASA
2008 Crop Circle Video
Aliens at Bloomfield Road
Patterns of Ufo Abductions-The Hive
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting, Temecula, CA
Crop Circle at Kanton Thurgau, Switzerland – June 20 - Crop Circle Puzzles Switzerland Residentsa
The ten most compelling UFO cases in history
A Few Thoughts on the Multiple Sighting Witness–Steve Bass
Aliens no longer love America
UFO over London
UFO Coverups – Reasons to Believe
UFO-Before and after
UFO sighting in Hertford
British UFO sightings at ‘bizarree' levels
John Ratcliff's-Who's In Charge of the UFO cover-up? We are!?
Anyone else remember this Knox UFO sighting?
The European Roswell
Edinburgh, Scotland Cigar Shaped UFO
UFOs in Southall? - UK
Public in denial over UFOs, says investigator
Ufos Spotted In Cheam-UK
The Paracast with UFO expert Scott Corrales
Alien spotted in Mumbles!
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighing, Scranton, PA
UFO lights' spotted above Cyprus
The 10 most prominent ufologists
Parapsychology and the Paranormal-Online poll
Nicholls class sends students on search for the paranormal
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting Fresno, California
The truth about Francine Giottigo’s YouTubes
Rich Giordano-The Az UFO Show-Listen Now!
Calgary, Alberta Airport-Silver Colored Triangular Craft
The Universe, Man and Extraterrestrial Life
Black Vault with Michael Horn
Belmore, Ontario Meteor - Round Ball With Large Tail
Hope, British Columbia Witness Films UFOs
Surrey, BC- Huge UFO(audio)
Vancouver, BC UBC Highway Green Orbs ( UFOs )
Colchester: Family look to the skies for answers
Alien nation
Vietnam UFO Crash Metal May Be the Smoking Gun
Strange Tales 11: Which Story is False?
Hominid Terror, Psychic Pets, Spirit House

Sunday, July 6, 2008


YouTube - Alien Resistance
UK Sighting-Silver UFO With Dome On Top
Cornwall UFO Research Group: Cornwall UFO Conference 2008
Joint Recon Study Group
UFOs or weird science?
Above and Beyond - Kevin Randle
Stanwood, Washington Red Orbs And Jet Aircraft
Darkness Radio w/UFO Hunter Bill Birnes
Seeing the light in search for UFOs
The Curse of the Beijing Olympics – Paranormal Pastor
Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask - Parnormal
Can Entities Hurt?-I say the author is dead wrong
Twinkle, twinkle electric star - Science
'UFO' mystery along Cape coast
The Alien Show
A letter from the Kumaras of Light
Britains Closest Encounter – Episode 1
Interesting UFO sighting – June 2008
Pretending Pawls – Alfred Lehmberg
Backyard Phenomena: Stand Up to the Debunkers!
The motivations and activities of Extraterrestrial races
UFO Reported on Maine Beach
Snarly Skepticism - Bill Nye, The Bow Tie Guy – Regan Lee
Skeptics Are Weasels!
The Orange Orb - Vaeni On Dolan
Roswell 2008 Day 2
Take Down UFO Researcher Jaime Maussan–Tonight!–9pm ET
Video: Crop Circle Formed in 7 Minutes!
History Channel Researching 1897 Texas UFO Incident
Nick Pope & Joe McGonagle on The Sun Newspaper & UFOs
The UFO Video & Picture Collection 1947-1998
Photographs from Arizona Show Unknown Objects
Alien Abduction and Hypnosis
Project Condign -The Hive
The Masonic truth behind aliens and UFOs
Wiltshire Crop Circle – July 4th
Wiltshire Crop Circle – July 1st
Ufology for the New Millennium – The Hive
Denver's Haunted Oxford Hotel
So you want to be a ghost hunter?
Psychic and Paranormal Trivia Night – July 12th 7pm ET
Michigan Paranormal Underground – Listen Now!
Who Ya Gonna Call? Kitsap Paranormal Investigators
Show is creepy for wrong reasons
The odd and the scary