Wednesday, July 9, 2008


UFO expert admits Islington video could be aliens
Crop Circle Hoaxers
Smithers, BC-Brightly Illuminated UFO
Piercing Husserl's Phenomenology-Pt1
More sightings over Harborough & Lutterworth Today
Flintshire Readers Report More UFO Sightings
Michael Prescott's Blog: Eerie Uri
UFO was like a 'ball of flames'
Water Found on the Moon
Rotterdam man keeps an eye peeled for UFO
ORB UFO with Chemtrail
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Morphett Vale, Augstralia
Ghost Hunters Wanted
Toronto Police Officer admits to seeing a huge UFO-2004
‘Ghost Hunters’ Returning to Weston
Bill Nye: The Skeptical Guy – Daily Grail
UFO Filmed on Camera Phone-Costa Rica
Para-Explorers – Nick Redfern
Never Alone – Danielle Lee
A collection of E.V.Ps
Psychic says goodbye –Sylvia Browne
Hellboy Appears on The Ghost Hunters
Meteor sparks fears of UFO, Iranian missiles in Israel
Lanterns Blamed Again
Farewell to the Roswell Fest until next year!
Linda Moulton-Howe on Binnall of America
Vacarisses, Barcelona Crop Circle Solved
Strange rock raises questions
Larry King Live -Thurs: Psychic Kids!
Now You See Her by Ceceila Tishy
Haunted Police Department
Paranormal Realm-Guest Fr. Daniel Garguillio-7/11 8pm ET
Ex-Evening Leader journalist is new editor of Paranormal
Paranormal experts hunt ghosts in Bisbee,Tombstone
SciFi in July-Premiers of Scare Tactics and Ghost Hunters Int.
The View Women Speak To The Ghost of Rosie O'Donnel!
Ghost medium/psychic James Van Praagh, on "The View"
I Panic in the Streets
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting, Pennsylvania
S.Melbourne, Australia Round UFO With Faint Cylinder Shape
Tribune Bay, British Columbia A Cylindrical Shaped Object
Inner Paths to Outer Space with Dr. Rick Strassman
Eugene, Oregon A Pizza Shaped UFO
Excelsior, MN Lights Moving In A Circular Pattern Around Object
South Bend, Indiana Bright Lights In A Snake Formation
Moscow, PA-An Orange Glowing Round Object
Thornton, CO-3 Bright Circular Flame Objects

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