Saturday, June 28, 2008


UFO Sighting - Conejo, California
Could Nazca Lines Have Been Made by Astral Projection?
Road To Roswell & Burlington 2008: A Discussion With Jon Kelly
The Great Pyramid and Alien Visitors
NEW BLOG! UFO Proletariat – Regan Lee & Alfred Lehmberg
Flying Saucers Are Real – Stanton Friedman
The Lure of Paranormal
UFO Reports - When they were honest
Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah on the P.O.R.T.A.L. – June 29th 7pm ET
UFO spotted in Hucknall skies
The Paranormalist Interviews Jeremy Vaeni
Interesting UFO encounter near Ottawa – August 1979
Asteroid-hunting satellite a world first
The aliens state, “Decide whether we should show up”
American Chronicle - Why Believe? By, Steve Bass
Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind
UFOs filmed at temple pyramid festival in Santa Cecilia – Acatitlan, Mexico
NASA’s Blackswift hypersonic scramjet -HTV-3X – Six times the speed of sound!
Orange sphere, visible for one second
Vintage UFO -Creepy Rabbit Flying Saucer Men
Ufo's in Georgia
To Earth From Heaven by John Foster
Gonzo UFOlogy and the Myth of Witness Non-Objectivity
Saucer Reality
U.F.O. Theory
UFO Sighted In The Atlantic Ocean
Back engineering ET craft considered
Maths analysis of Bob Lazar's UFO claims
The Letter of the Week from Jeff Peckman To Everyone
The Chrononauts: Alternative Theory About UFOs
Crop Circle Science
Aliens in the Home World
Do Ghosts Haunt Us While We Sleep?
Larnach Castle, New Zealand
Trying to catch alien whispers from outer space
Listening to radio emissions in aurora may help in searching alien worlds
101 Ghost Jokes
UFO photographed over Hampshire
Strange Facts - UFO’s
Is Jimmy Carter a UFO Abductee?
The green men of home
Paranormal experts investigate Fort Benton's ghostly happenings
Flying Saucers
Pyramid phenomena and Other-World Visitors

Friday, June 27, 2008


Might Alien `Disclosure’ Mean Virtually Nothing?
Ghost in the Salon
Australian Migration News
Anything but vacant - ghosts
UFO Sighting Reports - HBCC UFO Research – June 28, 2008
Contact Has Begun 2008 James Gilliland Documentary
SPI Posts EVPs from Recent Investigation
Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio – Listen Now!
Electronic Voice Phenomena
Join the journey, my personal journey into the paranormal
The ancient history of dowsing
Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind
Shag Harbour: From Obscurity to International Festival
Watched what appeared to be a Satellite crossing the ski.
Click here for alien interview video
Identity of Victor Revealed? - The Alien Interview Footage
Vimanas in Sanskrit: Descriptions of Ancient Aircraft
Vimanas: The Ancient Indian Astronaut Connection
Dogon Shame
The Dogon
The Dogon Mystery: Summary of Marcel Griaule’s Work
The Dogon Tribe
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Artifacts
High-ranking government and military officials say phenomenon is real
The White Lady of Hell Town
Ghost hunters return
Alien Speech Found in NASA’s Saturn Radio Signal
Paranormal Is Not a Dirty Word
Sounds of Silence – UFO Media Matters – Joseph Capp
Same triangular craft described by contributor that flashed
The UFO Files – New Forum!
The UFO Files – New Website!
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 1
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 2
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 3
UFOMystic » Crop Circle Science
Rosemary Hawkins who was abducted by UFO recalls her ordeal
The Stigmata
Alien Casebook Frontier Blog
Alien Casebook – Alien UFO, Paranormal Blog
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life
There are aliens in my scripture? Listen Now!
ParaWomenRadio - July 3rd 6pm ET
Stephenville and the UFO
Chile: UFO Over the Ariztia Plant
Bletchman, lawyer, UFO expert from Manchester
Video: Haunted Stairway
Alien Casebook Forum

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wedding party may be responsible for Cardiff UFO chased by police
Air Force Closes the Book on UFO Reports
My UFO Meeting with Air Force Bigwigs
Real Time Spirit Communication Primer
Paranormal Incidents At The Middleboro, Massachusetts Town Hall
Derek Acorah to Appear on P.O.R.T.A.L. June 29 7pm
Officially Weird!
Culture of Contact Interviews Dr. Colli but first, Jeremey Vaeni has a Steven Greer Schtick for ya
Alien cars from Russia, BMW using alien wreckage, Hungary's Alienmobile
Wikipedia Censors Stephen Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group (PRG)
Bible Full of Extraterrestrials?
Ghosts From Asbury Park
Alien Abductees Tell Their Own Story In Serpo
UFO Phenomena: See The Clouds Across The Sky
Will the representative for Zeta Riticuli stop waving his tentacles?
Enemy? What enemy?
Culture of Contact - Dr. Janet Colli: Aliens, Humans, and Oneness
Alien World’s Magazine – Issue 3 is out
Spooked resident hunts for haunts
More On Cardiff UFO
For Alien Life-Seekers, New Reason to Hope
UFOs Found in Vicinity of Volcanic Activity Around the World
A Devil's Advocate – Intangible Materiality
Hunting For Ghosts At The Old South Mountain Inn
The UFO Potluck
World's First UFO Landing Pad
Did ghosts crash wedding at Middleboro Town Hall?
No Georgia Tie to Ohio Ghost Stories
Downtown ‘ghost tours’ monitored by police
Above and Beyond - The Godfather of Exopolitics
WOW! Interstellar SPAM?
Alien Cars From Russia Invites Ripley
Peru: UFO Photographed over Ica
Hot Paranormal Debate & Discussion – June 23rd 9pm
The Top 3 Forbidden Connections
Photographer Documents Secret Satellites — All 189 of Them
Your Guide's Interview with Stanton T. Friedman
Plurality Believe U.S. Government will never Admit To An Alien Presence
Leading UFO Researchers Confirm Christian View
June 24, 1947: They Came From ... Outer Space?
Little Shop of Nightmares
Mass Paranormal – June 30th 8pm
Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D.: The Guadalupe Event
Paranormal Party of the Summer – June 27, 8pm

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Paranormal Radio - 2012 Doomsday scenarios
UFO DATA Magazine wants to talk to you if you saw Cardiff UFO
Barney Hill under hypnosis
UFO caught on webcam, Sweden
The Paranormal Party - Queen of Paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Paranormal Journeys Visits the Lizzie Borden House
Of miracles, mysticism and wonders at Kamakhya temple
Public Parapsychology with Annalisa Ventola
Project Grey: Intruders in Fiery Communion
The Ghosts Of Summer 2008
Crop Circle: Prank, Alien Contact, or Reality Game?
UK Police Helicopter captures 'UFO' on film
Nick Pope Interview - Cardiff UFO helicopter chase
UFO video Greenwood, Ind, June 16, 08
UFO sightings new to YouTube
UFO caught while taking pictures of the moon
Today's Chemtrail Synchronicity:It's a Bit Eerie - Regan Lee
Bombarded By UFO Reports After Cardiff Incident
Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
Hovering UFO - Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Weird Los Angeles: When UFO Hysteria Hit
Further Analysis - Unidentified Fixed Object
ISPR-Ghosts of England Part-3
UForth Guide to UFO Shapes and Configurations
Ghost of the past
The Unidentified
The ghost of Minnewaska: Glory days gone by
A dark figure haunts visitors to Oxford Castle Unlocked
Joliet Paranormal Radio - June 18th 10pm
New Shows Added to Para-X Lineup
How To Improve Your Sixth Sense
UFO sightings galvanize a small town