Thursday, June 26, 2008


Spies, Lies, and Flypaper – Gary Beckkum
Crop circles found in Helston?
Showcase Website – Paranormal Encyclopedia
As seen from the chair – Robert Rosamond BUFORA
More Crop Circles for June
De Void - The mainstream media's lonely UFO weblog
County is a top spot for seeing UFOs
Hunting For Ghosts At The Old South Mountain Inn: Part 2
Hunting For Ghosts At The Old South Mountain Inn: Part 3
Haunted Battlefields

Cardiff UFO Blues
UFO News: Best New UFO Photos
A Conversation with Greg Bishop
Bookies bet on proof of alien life and on UFOs not showing up during Olympics
A UFO Lands in Downtown Nanning
UFOs invade NT town - Australia
How open are you towards paranormal?
Pennsylvania Ghosts "Erie Cemetery"
Little Shop of Nightmares
Forget superman, if it’s not a bird, and it’s not a plane, it must be a UFO
The Flying Saucers of North America
Against The Grain: 'UFO sightings should be taken more seriously'
Paranormal Investigating Kids – June 27th 3pm ET
A Process Of UFOs
SAGPS Launches Revolutionary GPS Guided Tours in St. Augustine
Do You See What I See? – Remote Viewing
The 'Outing' of Intelligence Officials
Skinwalker Pt 1 – UFO & Paranormal Ranch
Season of Shadows - The Ghostly Cannons of Fort Craig

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