Wednesday, June 25, 2008


UFO man in Liverpool lights claim - Video
British Officials Say UFOs Spotted by Soldiers May Be Chinese Lanterns
Fishos catch sight of UFO
From the Horses Mouth Regarding Cardiff – South Wales Police
‘Who you gonna call?
Why Do Astronauts Experience God?
Kilwinning's haunted towers
Are aliens the latest visitors to Hastings?
UFO spotted in the night sky - Lewes Today
Lunar Outposts Moving Closer to Reality
NASA's "Vital Signs of the Planet" Widget
The Haunted Chair
Spirit paintings on show in Paris
Death of a crystal skull
The 5 Most Important Qualities for UFO Researchers
The ultradimensional visions of Margit Sandemo
UFO sightings this month prompt calls for official MoD investigation
Part of the Family – Danielle Lee
Britain faces calls for UFO inquiry
2008 Science Spirit & World Transformation Conference – June 4-7
Showcase Website – UFO Stream
Free Range Hunting - Danielle Lee
Ghost hunters set sights on Victoria
Where Seldom Was Heard an Encouraging Word - Robert Barrow
Earth to Aliens -- We're a Bunch of Dorks
UFO Fleets Reported Throughout United Kingdom! More Lanterns?
Fast silent UFO pursued by military Chinook helicopter in Washington
Alien Army
Multiple Objects Caught on Video in Texas
Part of the Family
How to explain hauntings
Soldier spots 13 UFOs above barracks

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