Monday, June 23, 2008


Paracast Interviews Steven Greer – Listen Now!
UFO Perceptions – Stanton Friedman
Paranormal Encyclopedia
Paranormal Blog Has a New Home
Rural Texas Wildlife Webcam Catches UFO
Tribute To UFO Witnesses

UFO Mystery Deepens with more Sightings
Venezuela: Strange Objects Photographed
UFO Spotted over Bristol
BoA Interviews UFO Hunter and UFO Magazine publish Bill Birnes Pt 1
BoA Interviews UFO Hunter and UFO Magazine publish Bill Birnes Pt 2
XCOR – Flight of the Lynx & Space Tourist Class - videos
Frank Lloyd Wright Move Over – The Aliens are Taking Over
Google Earth: Top 10 British Crop Circles
On the Road to Roswell – John Carpenter

Airliner Personnel Report UFOs over MCIA
UFO enthusiasts delve into the unexplained
UFO Guide Interview with Stanton Friedman
Two Photographs with Unknown Objects from North Carolina
The Center for Australian UFO Studies
The Voices Carry Paranormal Talk Radio Show - Jun 29th
Villagers spot UFOs near Bala
Extraterrestrial Angst (Part Deux)
Glowing Object Videotaped over San Antonio, TX
Where do the messages come from?
Mexico: UFO Photographed during San Marcos Fair
Above and Beyond – Re: UFO Researcher Chris Rutkowski
Trail Camera: Manifesting Spirit in Backyard
Haunted Lighthouses
Test Your ESP
Creator of Supernatural signs may bring paranormal prequel
The Haunting Story of Alexandra Holzer

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