Friday, June 27, 2008


Might Alien `Disclosure’ Mean Virtually Nothing?
Ghost in the Salon
Australian Migration News
Anything but vacant - ghosts
UFO Sighting Reports - HBCC UFO Research – June 28, 2008
Contact Has Begun 2008 James Gilliland Documentary
SPI Posts EVPs from Recent Investigation
Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio – Listen Now!
Electronic Voice Phenomena
Join the journey, my personal journey into the paranormal
The ancient history of dowsing
Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind
Shag Harbour: From Obscurity to International Festival
Watched what appeared to be a Satellite crossing the ski.
Click here for alien interview video
Identity of Victor Revealed? - The Alien Interview Footage
Vimanas in Sanskrit: Descriptions of Ancient Aircraft
Vimanas: The Ancient Indian Astronaut Connection
Dogon Shame
The Dogon
The Dogon Mystery: Summary of Marcel Griaule’s Work
The Dogon Tribe
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Artifacts
High-ranking government and military officials say phenomenon is real
The White Lady of Hell Town
Ghost hunters return
Alien Speech Found in NASA’s Saturn Radio Signal
Paranormal Is Not a Dirty Word
Sounds of Silence – UFO Media Matters – Joseph Capp
Same triangular craft described by contributor that flashed
The UFO Files – New Forum!
The UFO Files – New Website!
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 1
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 2
A Devil’s Advocate – Pt. 3
UFOMystic » Crop Circle Science
Rosemary Hawkins who was abducted by UFO recalls her ordeal
The Stigmata
Alien Casebook Frontier Blog
Alien Casebook – Alien UFO, Paranormal Blog
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life
There are aliens in my scripture? Listen Now!
ParaWomenRadio - July 3rd 6pm ET
Stephenville and the UFO
Chile: UFO Over the Ariztia Plant
Bletchman, lawyer, UFO expert from Manchester
Video: Haunted Stairway
Alien Casebook Forum

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