Saturday, July 26, 2008


Encounters In Australia
The Battle Of LA: When UFOs Attack Or When We Attack UFOs
Ancient Visitors - An explanation of Extra-terrestrial existance?
Incoherence and High Indifference –Pt 2
Sedona: Mecca For UFOs, Nature Lovers And New Age Disciples
Robert Moran: Cheating to Lose
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 29th
Apollo XII encounter
Discovery Of Earth's Sister Imminent?
Looking 13 Billion Years Into The Past
CoRot Nabs Another Exoplanet
Maintaining Perspective amidst Spiritual Pursuits
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting Great Britain
Mitchell’s X-Files-The Gralien
Moon Museum: New Race to Save Space Relics
Off-Topic-Mystery of the Earth's Polar Caps 41 Million Years Ago
If Life Exists on Venus, Could it be Blown to Earth?
Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast: July 25-27
Paracast-July 27: Lawrence R. Spencer, Alien Interview
The Scientist As A Blind Watchmaker-Intangible Materiality
Video Taken of Aerial Object in Front of Sun
Above & Beyond-What The Public Doesn't Know
Articles On People's Media-Regan Lee
A Disclaimer On UFO INFO-Regan Lee
Video-Pt 1 UFO 24th July 2008 London
Video-Pt 2 UFO 24th July 2008 London
Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Stephen Bassett
Video-UFO Wave of Mass Fleets-UK
Video-Huge Ufo footage
Video-UFO - Rhode Island 1967
UFO ballot foes to rally Saturday
Hostile Aliens, Redux
The Aliens Are Here
Michael Keene to Appear on the P.O.R.T.A.L.
X-Files topic, launching pad for Brookfield pastor's book
The Paranormal Party of The Summer-August 1
Real ghost hunting - not that fake stuff on TV
People in Paranormal Research - Amy Passarella
Long Island Paranormal Investigators!
UFO Italy
Censoring the Evidence
GPS Device Fails in Fyfield Down Formation-Crop Circles
Local UFO sightings more common than you think
Discovery Channel interviews Edgar Mitchell
UFO Videos worthy of note – July 2008
The Night Siege of the Serpentine Ghoul-Paranormal Pastor

Friday, July 25, 2008


They really, really want to believe
1974 Mtn Creek Lake-close view of a UFO hovering 3 ft above
The UFO Phenomenon and My Personal Beliefs
Paranormal beliefs, from prophetic dreams to Atlantis
UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
Camera-hogging UFOs?-Herald Tribune-Billy Cox
UFO Media Matters: Missing UFO Evidence
Paranormal believer Erik Beckjord dies at 69
Alien invasion is on the cards at town museum
Radar expert laments media apathy-Herald Tribune-Billy Cox
The Persistent Myth of UFO Disclosure
Fermi Paradox: Why Aren't Aliens Talking to Us?
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Philadelphia, PA
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell sets Record Straight about ET Beliefs
Crop Circle- Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK
Stephenville UFO-Radar Expert Laments Media Apathy
Edgar Mitchell on Larry King Live August 2 – different topic
Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow with Nick Redfern
Fox News Video-Edgar Mitchell
Filer’s Files #30
UK/UFO-UFO Mystic-Nick Redfern
Commentary On Mitchell Interview-UFO Mystic-Greg Bishop
The truth about Britain’s X-Files
UFO Disclosure needs tighter and stronger networking
David Clark-Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?
Mississippians recount unidentified, unexplained objects
UFOs are back
UFO sightings up, believability down
UFO reports: The truth is in here
Dr. Edgar Mitchell Tells All… Again!
Excerpt from UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings
UFO Upon Juanda Airport
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Ottawa, IL
Mysterious Shag Harbour Incident
UFO seen in Rexton
The Daily Grail-News Briefs for July 25
NASA- Secret Revealed-Plasma Bullets Spark No. Lights
Who is James Hydrick?
2012: The End Game Begins
Do ghosts haunt New River Beach?
Paranormal Findings
Holistic intuitive healing energy-Radio-Listen Now!
The Paranormal
Anybody There? Group investigates reports of hauntings
Spooky broadcast to feature live theater
Spokane, WA-Two UFOs
Lincoln Park, MI-Object Hovers In The Same Position
Chaska, MN-Bright Yellow/Orange Light
Mesa, Arizona UFO Moves Erratically
Indiana-Two Orange Lights One On Top Of Another
El Vado, NM-Bright UFO Disturbed Witnesses
UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC
Maryport, Cumbria, England Boomerang Shaped Cloud
Nesscliffe, Shropshire, UK 25 Huge Lit Up Colored Cubes
My UFO Sighting In Bradford, U.K. 2008
Doncaster South Yorkshire, U.K. Sphere Shaped UFO
Barnstaple N. Devon England Two Round/Circular UFOs
North Vancouver Dudley Park, BC-6 Unknown Objects
Winnipeg, Manitoba Bright UFO Flying Low
Cormorant Lake, Manitoba Star Like Object
Vernon To Kelowna, BC-Missing Time
UFO Over Corner Brook, Newfoundland
Crop Circle-Alton Priors, Wiltshire-July 22

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Billy Cox-Herald Tribune-Busting the no-fly zone myth
The Night Seige of the Serpentine Ghoul
The Curse of the Crying Boy
Cameron holiday destination cursed by white witch
10 great haunts for seekers of the paranormal
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting,Quebec, Canada
Video- Astronaut Edgar Mitchell-UFO disclosure & aliens existence
Mystery of UFOs in skies over Calderdale - Halifax Today
Do you want to believe?
UFO spotted in NSW Telegraph
UFO controversy coming to a radio near you
Alien contacts were hushed up
The Great Beyond: Lunar Science Conference round up
Family terrified by UFO
UFO Over Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Diagram)
My UFO Sighting In Bradford, U.K. 2008
Orange Lights In Indiana
Cook Lake Plymouth, IN Bright Orange Lights
UFO Pilgrim-Our reality although I tend to believe in Sitchin's...
The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas
Astronaut reveals aliens have better technology than humans
But they will bring too much cloud for UFO sightings
Family plea to public over 'UFO sighting'
Air Force lost evidence that would prove UFOs were real
Forbes Traveler-X-File Odysseys
Spooky Truth-TVs most haunted con exposed
UFO caught on video
Chopper 'chase' joins UFO files
But they will bring too much cloud for UFO sightings
Top Astronaut: 'Aliens Do Exist'
UFOs, Fairies, Ghosts and cheap dates
Doncaster South Yorkshire,UK-Sphere Shaped UFO
Barnstaple North Devon England Two Circular UFOs
Scarborough, Ontario 4 Round Bright Lights
Caledon, Ontario A Cigar Shaped UFO
New Jersey Multiple UFOs
Southern Arkansas A Blue/Green Colored Orb
We Are Not Alone—UFO Sightings up in 2007
Forbes story on "Extraterrestrial Escapes"
Space Aliens restaurant probes Grand Forks
Stanley Kubrick-Mythology of Extraterrestrial Life-Galaxy Classic
He talks to ghosts
Ghost tours tell tales of Frederick’s ghostly past
Ghost hunters-Every good theatre has a ghost
The connection between mysticism
The Hauntings and Horrors-July 23rd -Radio
Ghost Hunters International “Castle of the Damned”
Ghostly Evidence
Tours tell of city’s ghostly past
TAPS hunts for things that go bump in the night
Strangeness from Virginia
Bonnie Vent - The Spirit Advocate
New Ancient Astronaut Pseudo-Scholar on the Scene
UFO Semantics: For the Last Time
Beam Bed makes you feel like you're sleeping on a UFO
Ghostly Outlet
Riding the Astral Plane-Dreams
Diary of a Ghost Hunter
Recent UFO News
The Bible/UFO Connection - alien, dark destiny
Haunted: Norwich University,VT
Daily Grail-News Briefs 7/24/08
UFO Era- Questions & Answers about the Roswell Incident
Does the Bible offer any clues regarding the significance of UFOs?
New crop circle formation for July
X-Files released in Australia-Movie Review&Interview
A “Noetic” Gesture on Behalf of Ufology
Recent MUFON UFO Sightings of Note
Incoherence and High Indifference-Intangible Materiality
The Skepticbunkie’s Meme:”Nothing but Grainy Blurry Photos”
UFO Alien Paranormal Activity-July 24
My Personal UFO-Danielle Lee
UFO Associations with nuclear tests, plants, storage facilities and testing sites
European Space Agency Discovers New Alien World
Video-The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Chile: Meteorite-Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego
UFO Movie Blog Expands
Maintaining Perspective amidst Spiritual Pursuits
UFO sightings by reasonable people
The X-Files: Ain't Misbelievin'
Believing in Yourself
UFO and Weird-Collector’s Corner-UFO Mystic Greg Bishop
Mac & UFO Crashes-UFO Mystic Nick Redfern
Ringing Rocks - Mysterious Pennsylvania
EVP Pioneer’s Website gets New Facelift
A “Noetic” Gesture on Behalf of Ufology
Does DNA Have Telepathic Properties?-A Galaxy Classic
The 2008 Perseid Meteor Shower
Android 207-Kewl & Creepy
UFOs - An Official History
UFOs - An Official History - Part 2
Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires
My Experience Or Dream
UFO Video-Laxton, Nottinghamshire-7/21/08
UFOs and the Interdimensional Hypothesis
UFOs - Conspiracy Or Indifference?
Do Flying Saucers Crash?
UFOs in Japan, France, Brazil and the UK
Greene's Green Glitter-Robert Barrow
The Credits Sheet
The Main Attraction: Actual UFO Films
Not Not Not!
Strange object filmed in the sky above Winnipeg
Pt.1-Is there a plausible basis for faster-than-light travel?
The Why of What It Is?- Art Champoux
My Strange Experience #10-UFO Pilgrim
UFO Stalker, UFO Sighting-Livonia, MI
UFO Report Georgian Bay July 19th 2008
Fishing With Grandpa -- One Last Time
A visit to historic Shrewsbury
Camera Phone Guests
Jack and the Electromagnetic Bean Stalk
What do you do if you see a UFO?
Why are Evangelical Protestants least likely to see a UFO?
The Skeptibunkie´s Meme: "Nothing But Grainy Blurry Photos-Regan Lee
UFO Files – Nick Redfern
My Personal UFO-Danielle Lee
Jonesboro Man Says He Saw a UFO-Video!
UFO Era: Majestic-12: docs fake, but mj12 real?
Alien Priest?!
Radar expert laments media apathy-Billy Cox
The Mystery of the Chinese Pyramids
Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship
Proof Air Force lost crucial evidence proving UFOs were real
I’ve seen UFOs on weather radar imagery
Best NASA TV Close-up UFO Footage Ever
UFO STS-124 Shuttle Discovery
Potosi, Missouri is haunted
Five Airliner Crews Report UFO Sightings over Mexico
Pt 1: Incoherence and High Indifference-Material Intangible
Shag Harbour UFO Festival
In Search Of `The Wonder’
Paramount, California A Cigar Shaped UFO
Strathroy, Ontario Smoke Fire UFO
UFO Caught on Film Over Northern Ohio
How to Go Green with your Pets
The Condon Report and UFOs
USA: UFOs and National Security
Oregon Rep For LOWFI – Regan Lee
Ottawa, Ontario An Orb Shaped UFO
Otter Lake - Tulameen, BC A Bright White Line Of Light
The Gralien Report-UFOs and the Media
Family Shocked by Ufo
UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Searching for asteroids, extraterrestrial life a little more rocky ...
Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Jul 23rd
Crossing Swords With The Bad Astronomer
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 29th
Bucks "flapping' over UFO sightings
UFO Digest- Aliens and UFOs
Treasure Coast residents report UFO sightings
ENMU professor examines unique ‘Roswell Rock’
Forbidden History
Diary of a Ghost Hunter
Who you gonna call?
They ain't afraid of no ghosts!
North-east ghosts haunt Graeme’s book
It’s my town
Paranormal News provided by Bonnie Vent the Spirit Advocate
Things That Go Bump in the Night-July 29th
Courtship from the Unknown By Donald Ryles PhD
Blog Brane Space on UFOs
UFO controversy coming to a radio near you
Darkness in the Desert- Cadavers, Experiments and More
Scientist Defends UFO Phenomenon
Latest UFO Sightings July 23, 2008
UFO riddle finally explained?
UFO Sighting: Long Lake near Hale Michigan; July 4, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008


Social Engineering For A False Flag Alien Attack | Nachash
Hauntings spook local library
Ufo Above My House 25th July 2008 - Video
Visiting the Land of the Stone Giants
Strange Tales from the London Underground
James Van Praagh Responds To Barbara Walters
Psychic Joins Fray In Richter Case
Center for Physical Trace Research - UFO Symposium
UFOs Found in Real TV Broadcasts
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Peru: UFOs Cause Alarm in La Norteñita
The Mugging of Stanton Friedman
Alan Steinfeld & Jeremy Vaeni go toe-to-toe on New Age
July 22, 1952: Genuine Crop-Circle Maker Patented
Beyond UFOs The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Its Astonishing Implications for Our Future
UFOLOGY - Cult Lifestyle or Scientific Discipline
New UFO 19th July 2008 over San Antonio Texas
New UFO Sightings
UFO Sighting: Saint Paul, Minnesota; August 2007
Another debunking of MJ-12
Shuttle Astronauts Observe UFOs
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Riverton, WY
Record Number Of UFOs Spotted
Evidence that UFO's caused multiple nuke warheads failure?
Stephenville like UFO in Los Angeles, 17 July 2008
UFO - news Costa Rica 15/7/08
The Top Paranormal Female Researchers
Above & Beyond - Alien Worlds #4
Fox News Alert: UFO spotted in Toledo, Ohio
UFO "wishbone" in Mexico
UFO in cloud
Exploring our Matrix-Scientific Mythologies
Alien Mind – A Primer-The whole book online
Propagandizing the American Public? The Cult of Science
USO Sighting: Kiawah River, Johns Island, SC 7/18/08
The Paranormal Party of The Summer- July 25th
Ghost helps Billy Bob Thornton Write his songs
Ghost hunters investigate Nebraska haunts-Video
The Musical Ghost at The Stanley Hotel
Univ-Con 2008 Announces Hosts for Paranormal Conference
Video: Diamond-Shaped UFO - Vitebsk, Belarus
Ghost hunters wrap up sleepless weekend
UFO Sighting: Sandy River, Oregon; July 19, 2008
2007: UFO Caught on Cellphone in Texas


More crop circle weirdness
Of Defence Significance-The Truth Hides
Green UFO sighted Lake in Montana –Video-profanity
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Guelph, Canada
Evidence of Celtic Vampires?
Bad Astronomy – Larry King, menace to thinking
Did government cover up UFOs?
Manipulative Extraterrestrials -Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine
Veteran policeman relates Saucer Shaped Disk Trailing His Car
UFO Era: Response to debunking of MJ-12
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting Philadelphia, PA
Ancient Monuments and Sacred Landscapes
Get a monthly Calendar and Sky Maps free
Paranormal enthusiast head expedition for revolutionary spirits
Camp Inquiry encourages children's skeptical side
Weirdness is only a stones throw away in Roswell
UFOs...Is the Truth out there? - It is in the UK
Unusual UFO Sightings - Galveston, Texas
Crop Circles - Clatford, Wiltshire, UK and Holmesville, Ont, Can.
Part 2 - A Faustian Prerogative - Intangible Materiality
Thought Experiment: Plant-Based Alien Intelligence
Snarly Skepticism-Friday's Larry King UFO Show!-By Regan Lee
Man of mystery in unearthly spot
Orb News-By Regan Lee
UFO Era: English/moore speech mufon '89 symposium
Are UFOs from space?
Irk the Skeptics: Dare to Believe
After 2008 Roswell UFO Conference
Alien ET UFO Matrix Oracle Network
Amateur Spies-Leaked Messages-Spies, Lies & Polygraph Tape
What is it about county UFOs?
UFO Group International-UFO Portugal
Medicine Lake, Alberta Sphere Type UFO
Ufo Guy Bill Knell on The Blue Rose Report July 23rd
Tuning Into The Other Side- Frank's Box
Paranormal Investigators- OOC interest check!
"Ghost" Are they real?
If the fear of a Haunted House?
More Ghost Hunting
Halloween Preparations
Season of Shadows new site
Larry King, Menace to Thinking – According to Discovery Magazine’s Bad Astronomy Blog Author
39th Annual International UFO Symposium - MUFON
Free Sky Maps

Sunday, July 20, 2008


UFO Orbs Fly Past Station
Ufo Symbolism at Blackpool?
Robert Hastings Expresses Dismay at the Public Narcosis Regarding UFO Sightingsat Military Installations!
Out of This World: Vintage British UFO documentary
ET hunters aim to share the knowledge
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Sierra Vista, AZ
Discoveries Boost Hope for Alien Life - Newser
Ufo-Barbury-Crop Circle
UFO Video-Costa Rica July 15, 08
Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon by Paola Harris
What is this about?-Liz By Mary Muñoz
Do you know of UFO Wiki
New Magazine “Phantom Stream” Is a Winner
Lighting Strikes… and rang the doorbell before entering!
More From the Alien Underground: Recent Headlines
Discoveries out there require preparation right here
Crop Circle-Lockeridge, Wiltshire-UK
Out of the Blue Producer, James Fox Issues a Public Appeal
The Great Texas Airship Mystery-UFO In Texas 1897
UFO Sightings in the U.S.-Mid July
Flying Saucer Patents-Have you designed yours yet?
UFO Alien Paranormal activity-July 20th
How to explain entities
Haunted Waverly Hills Gets Attention from Paranormal Groups
Britain's Closest Encounters
College Course Teaches Students to Commune with ET
Should we be phoning ET ?
Kelowna, BC - A Large Almond Shaped Cloud?
Vernon, BC - A Disc Shaped UFO (Picture)
UFO Era - An open letter to William L. Moore
The Cult of the Fundamental Skeptic
Underwater UFOs-Signs of the Times News
Search for Alien Life Gains New Impetus
David Sereda's Quantum Physics Of UFO Travel
Guided UFO dangers
Why UFOs are -never- tracked by airports
Ufo and the Vatican-Videos
UFO Sighting: Jacksonville, Alabama
OMEFT Interview with Angelia Joiner
UFOs over Oxfordshire,UK-Video
Ghost hunters at Randolph College explore purported ghost
Ghost hunters gather in Fort Erie
Ghostly goings-on at Leeds museum
Joliet Paranormal Radio-July 26th
After Dark Radio – Listen Now!