Sunday, July 20, 2008


UFO Orbs Fly Past Station
Ufo Symbolism at Blackpool?
Robert Hastings Expresses Dismay at the Public Narcosis Regarding UFO Sightingsat Military Installations!
Out of This World: Vintage British UFO documentary
ET hunters aim to share the knowledge
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Sierra Vista, AZ
Discoveries Boost Hope for Alien Life - Newser
Ufo-Barbury-Crop Circle
UFO Video-Costa Rica July 15, 08
Making Sense of the UFO Phenomenon by Paola Harris
What is this about?-Liz By Mary Muñoz
Do you know of UFO Wiki
New Magazine “Phantom Stream” Is a Winner
Lighting Strikes… and rang the doorbell before entering!
More From the Alien Underground: Recent Headlines
Discoveries out there require preparation right here
Crop Circle-Lockeridge, Wiltshire-UK
Out of the Blue Producer, James Fox Issues a Public Appeal
The Great Texas Airship Mystery-UFO In Texas 1897
UFO Sightings in the U.S.-Mid July
Flying Saucer Patents-Have you designed yours yet?
UFO Alien Paranormal activity-July 20th
How to explain entities
Haunted Waverly Hills Gets Attention from Paranormal Groups
Britain's Closest Encounters
College Course Teaches Students to Commune with ET
Should we be phoning ET ?
Kelowna, BC - A Large Almond Shaped Cloud?
Vernon, BC - A Disc Shaped UFO (Picture)
UFO Era - An open letter to William L. Moore
The Cult of the Fundamental Skeptic
Underwater UFOs-Signs of the Times News
Search for Alien Life Gains New Impetus
David Sereda's Quantum Physics Of UFO Travel
Guided UFO dangers
Why UFOs are -never- tracked by airports
Ufo and the Vatican-Videos
UFO Sighting: Jacksonville, Alabama
OMEFT Interview with Angelia Joiner
UFOs over Oxfordshire,UK-Video
Ghost hunters at Randolph College explore purported ghost
Ghost hunters gather in Fort Erie
Ghostly goings-on at Leeds museum
Joliet Paranormal Radio-July 26th
After Dark Radio – Listen Now!

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