Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Chile: Meteorite-Punta Arenas and Tierra del Fuego
UFO Movie Blog Expands
Maintaining Perspective amidst Spiritual Pursuits
UFO sightings by reasonable people
The X-Files: Ain't Misbelievin'
Believing in Yourself
UFO and Weird-Collector’s Corner-UFO Mystic Greg Bishop
Mac & UFO Crashes-UFO Mystic Nick Redfern
Ringing Rocks - Mysterious Pennsylvania
EVP Pioneer’s Website gets New Facelift
A “Noetic” Gesture on Behalf of Ufology
Does DNA Have Telepathic Properties?-A Galaxy Classic
The 2008 Perseid Meteor Shower
Android 207-Kewl & Creepy
UFOs - An Official History
UFOs - An Official History - Part 2
Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires
My Experience Or Dream
UFO Video-Laxton, Nottinghamshire-7/21/08
UFOs and the Interdimensional Hypothesis
UFOs - Conspiracy Or Indifference?
Do Flying Saucers Crash?
UFOs in Japan, France, Brazil and the UK
Greene's Green Glitter-Robert Barrow
The Credits Sheet
The Main Attraction: Actual UFO Films
Not Not Not!
Strange object filmed in the sky above Winnipeg
Pt.1-Is there a plausible basis for faster-than-light travel?
The Why of What It Is?- Art Champoux
My Strange Experience #10-UFO Pilgrim
UFO Stalker, UFO Sighting-Livonia, MI
UFO Report Georgian Bay July 19th 2008
Fishing With Grandpa -- One Last Time
A visit to historic Shrewsbury
Camera Phone Guests
Jack and the Electromagnetic Bean Stalk
What do you do if you see a UFO?
Why are Evangelical Protestants least likely to see a UFO?
The Skeptibunkie´s Meme: "Nothing But Grainy Blurry Photos-Regan Lee
UFO Files – Nick Redfern
My Personal UFO-Danielle Lee
Jonesboro Man Says He Saw a UFO-Video!
UFO Era: Majestic-12: docs fake, but mj12 real?
Alien Priest?!
Radar expert laments media apathy-Billy Cox
The Mystery of the Chinese Pyramids
Canadian ISPs Plan Net Censorship
Proof Air Force lost crucial evidence proving UFOs were real
I’ve seen UFOs on weather radar imagery
Best NASA TV Close-up UFO Footage Ever
UFO STS-124 Shuttle Discovery
Potosi, Missouri is haunted
Five Airliner Crews Report UFO Sightings over Mexico
Pt 1: Incoherence and High Indifference-Material Intangible
Shag Harbour UFO Festival
In Search Of `The Wonder’
Paramount, California A Cigar Shaped UFO
Strathroy, Ontario Smoke Fire UFO
UFO Caught on Film Over Northern Ohio
How to Go Green with your Pets
The Condon Report and UFOs
USA: UFOs and National Security
Oregon Rep For LOWFI – Regan Lee
Ottawa, Ontario An Orb Shaped UFO
Otter Lake - Tulameen, BC A Bright White Line Of Light
The Gralien Report-UFOs and the Media
Family Shocked by Ufo
UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Searching for asteroids, extraterrestrial life a little more rocky ...
Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Jul 23rd
Crossing Swords With The Bad Astronomer
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 29th
Bucks "flapping' over UFO sightings
UFO Digest- Aliens and UFOs
Treasure Coast residents report UFO sightings
ENMU professor examines unique ‘Roswell Rock’
Forbidden History
Diary of a Ghost Hunter
Who you gonna call?
They ain't afraid of no ghosts!
North-east ghosts haunt Graeme’s book
It’s my town
Paranormal News provided by Bonnie Vent the Spirit Advocate
Things That Go Bump in the Night-July 29th
Courtship from the Unknown By Donald Ryles PhD
Blog Brane Space on UFOs
UFO controversy coming to a radio near you
Darkness in the Desert- Cadavers, Experiments and More
Scientist Defends UFO Phenomenon
Latest UFO Sightings July 23, 2008
UFO riddle finally explained?
UFO Sighting: Long Lake near Hale Michigan; July 4, 2008

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