Thursday, July 24, 2008


Billy Cox-Herald Tribune-Busting the no-fly zone myth
The Night Seige of the Serpentine Ghoul
The Curse of the Crying Boy
Cameron holiday destination cursed by white witch
10 great haunts for seekers of the paranormal
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting,Quebec, Canada
Video- Astronaut Edgar Mitchell-UFO disclosure & aliens existence
Mystery of UFOs in skies over Calderdale - Halifax Today
Do you want to believe?
UFO spotted in NSW Telegraph
UFO controversy coming to a radio near you
Alien contacts were hushed up
The Great Beyond: Lunar Science Conference round up
Family terrified by UFO
UFO Over Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Diagram)
My UFO Sighting In Bradford, U.K. 2008
Orange Lights In Indiana
Cook Lake Plymouth, IN Bright Orange Lights
UFO Pilgrim-Our reality although I tend to believe in Sitchin's...
The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas
Astronaut reveals aliens have better technology than humans
But they will bring too much cloud for UFO sightings
Family plea to public over 'UFO sighting'
Air Force lost evidence that would prove UFOs were real
Forbes Traveler-X-File Odysseys
Spooky Truth-TVs most haunted con exposed
UFO caught on video
Chopper 'chase' joins UFO files
But they will bring too much cloud for UFO sightings
Top Astronaut: 'Aliens Do Exist'
UFOs, Fairies, Ghosts and cheap dates
Doncaster South Yorkshire,UK-Sphere Shaped UFO
Barnstaple North Devon England Two Circular UFOs
Scarborough, Ontario 4 Round Bright Lights
Caledon, Ontario A Cigar Shaped UFO
New Jersey Multiple UFOs
Southern Arkansas A Blue/Green Colored Orb
We Are Not Alone—UFO Sightings up in 2007
Forbes story on "Extraterrestrial Escapes"
Space Aliens restaurant probes Grand Forks
Stanley Kubrick-Mythology of Extraterrestrial Life-Galaxy Classic
He talks to ghosts
Ghost tours tell tales of Frederick’s ghostly past
Ghost hunters-Every good theatre has a ghost
The connection between mysticism
The Hauntings and Horrors-July 23rd -Radio
Ghost Hunters International “Castle of the Damned”
Ghostly Evidence
Tours tell of city’s ghostly past
TAPS hunts for things that go bump in the night
Strangeness from Virginia
Bonnie Vent - The Spirit Advocate
New Ancient Astronaut Pseudo-Scholar on the Scene
UFO Semantics: For the Last Time
Beam Bed makes you feel like you're sleeping on a UFO
Ghostly Outlet
Riding the Astral Plane-Dreams
Diary of a Ghost Hunter
Recent UFO News
The Bible/UFO Connection - alien, dark destiny
Haunted: Norwich University,VT
Daily Grail-News Briefs 7/24/08
UFO Era- Questions & Answers about the Roswell Incident
Does the Bible offer any clues regarding the significance of UFOs?
New crop circle formation for July
X-Files released in Australia-Movie Review&Interview
A “Noetic” Gesture on Behalf of Ufology
Recent MUFON UFO Sightings of Note
Incoherence and High Indifference-Intangible Materiality
The Skepticbunkie’s Meme:”Nothing but Grainy Blurry Photos”
UFO Alien Paranormal Activity-July 24
My Personal UFO-Danielle Lee
UFO Associations with nuclear tests, plants, storage facilities and testing sites
European Space Agency Discovers New Alien World
Video-The Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas

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