Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ancient Advanced Civilizations
On UFO Reports – UFO Pilgrim
Crop Circle-Wiltshire, UK
Dr. Jacque Vallee on Binnall of America
The Paracast with Klaus Dona
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Mumbai, IN
A Faustian Prerogative-Pt.2-Intangible Materiality
Larry King Live: Debate Over Existence of UFOs
DeVoid-The king of shrinkage-Billy Cox
A paranormal latex alien probe for the Front Range
The Real Scent Of A Ghost!
The Saturday Strangeness
UFO@Home: for real
Noted Reporter, 'Angelia Joiner' to Attend San Jose Symposium
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity – July 20th
Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
UFO Guys vs. Pseudo-Skeptics
UFO's DO exist says leading scientist
Stave Lake Mission, BC- Flying Saucer
What US Govt. Knows about UFO’s: Unclassified CIA Documents
Monroe County-Do UFO's favor Metro East?
UFOs could be 'space junk'
The World According to Caswell Whiteside
Dr. Jacques Vallee on Binnall of America – July 20th
Are Reality Uncovered Moderators Fearful of the Truth?-Spies, Lies & Polygraph-Gary Bekkum
Mysterious circles appear – Albuquerque ranch
Binnall of America– Anomaly Audio Network-Jacque Vallee
UFO Sighting: Mishawaka, Indiana- July 13, 2008
Fortean Times UNCON 2008 – Weird and the Wonderful
UFO Stalker – Montcon, Nova Scotia
Record number of UFOs spotted
On The Job – Ghost Hunting with SWPRG
Did UFOs Cause Missile to Misfire- Video- Larry King Live
UFO shoots down ICBM – Bob Jacob’s YouTube
The Devils’ Exorcism – Danielle Lee
Yes, Yes, YES! But –UFO Magazine Blog – Regan Lee
Underwater UFOs
Alien Image in the Door
Tracking The Unknown
UFOs – The truth is out there and comments
Planet X-2012 – Listen Now!
UFO Alien Paranormal Activity – July 18
UFO Stalker, UFO sighting, Crestline, CA
Australia – Skeptic Politician Sees UFO
Exopolictics-Mt. Adams-2012 A Golden Age
In the Paranormal Realm, Believing Is Seeing
Spirituality and the Supernatural on Television
Beware The Opportunists
Paranormal News with Bonnie Vent-Listen Now!
The Paracast-Life After Death-Listen Now!
Ghost Stories
Psych: The Ghost In You
Do dead people watch us? Yes, author says
Ashmore Estates
Ovni ufo russie 2
The Illuminati Within

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