Monday, July 14, 2008


Trickster's Realm: MIBS, Clowns and Helicopters-Regan Lee
UFO Mystic-Gray Barker Profiled, By, Greg Bishop
The Burgeoning UFO Phenomena
UFO Stalker-UFO Sightings Utah and Olympia, WA
Spies, Lies & Polygraph-The real x-files-Do you want to believe?
Let's outsource it to India!- Billy Cox
If ET's Landed Tomorrow - By, Steve Bass
No, it’s not a UFO-Binary Asteroid Glides Past Earth tonight
No, it’s not a UFO either-Comet W1 visible now in northern sky
The Lucifer Policy : Destroy Mankind Through Law
UFOs Approached Western Whitehouse
Top Secret Roswell artifact discovered at estate sale
UFO in Helsinki, Finland
SciFi Channel interested in Southport Tornado/UFO
Woodkirk woman catches UFO on camera phone-UK
Paper Evidence for Preparation of UFO Arrival
Read the comments below the article
Why is UFO activity on the increase? – See comments too.
Fox:Geraldo Rivera-2012 Doomsday Fear Mongering
UFO picture snapped – S. Norfolk - UK
S. Norfolk enlarged picture
Major Keyhoe: The Flying Saucers Are Real
UFO Sighting – London July 13, 2008
UFO Sighting over New York July 11, 2008
UFO Era:Draft report outlines US Moon/Mars exploration
Costa Rica UFO
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting Indiana
Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day: Recap
Highway 417 Ottawa Montreal-Low Flying Bright Green Sphere
Crop Circles in Rhonda, Spain
Paul Kimball discusses the Condon Report-Video
UFO Triboro Bridge New York City
Snarly Skepticism-Larry King and Stephenville-Regan Lee
No sleep for the curious-Night listener
What happened to the ex-Marine who saw a UFO?
Fringe Forthcoming-Alfred Lehmberg
The Orange Orb-New Blog-"UFO Mary"- Regan Lee
Above & Beyond-Stanton T. Friedman is Real-Trailer
Article Discussion: UFO expert urges Denver to open doors
UFO sightings increase
UK UFO sightings July-updated regularly
UFO Articles - The UFO Lawyer
Interpreting the Stephenville radar report: What does it say?
UFO Era-NSA admits Project Aquarius exists
The Truth is Out There
UFO Stalker-UFO sighting, Archer, Texas
The Propagandizing of the American Public: The Cult of Science
One Night in Nevada: Dreamland Drive
Retired professor believes truth is out there
UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC
Leicester, England U.K. Triangular Shaped UFO
Whitley Strieber Majestic
Indiana Star Like Object
It's like I predicted
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, W.Hartford, CT
Nakusp, BC-Human Silhouettes And UFO Sightings
Children and the Paranormal
UFO Mary-Speculations on Mary as Trickster-Regan Lee
Chester's curious coffin
Snarly Skepticism-Moi! on JREF message board-Regan Lee
Image of 'dead soldier at Battle of Naseby' goes around world
Paranormal 'experts' haunt southern Ariz. towns
Commonwealth Paranormal-Helping to deal with unknown
Is There Life Beyond?
Leak black magic
The Daily Dead
Ghostly Talk-Mike Robare-Central Ohio Paranormal Society
Ghost Busted - After 47 years, a spooky secret is out
The Hungry Ghost Festival
Science experiment with a ghost
Trailer for Ricky Gervais' Ghost Town!-Video
Ghost tours part of Bisbee weekend
New Orleans is it connected to Bloodline and Rennes les Chateau?

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