Friday, July 18, 2008


The Armed Response to UFOs
Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Papa John's planning giant crop-circle ad
I don't know whether it's fake or not but it's certainly beautiful
Listening to the Grays-Mac Tonnies
The Caratinga ‘Vortex UFO’
Clairvoyant Lorna Byrne's memoir bought for 6 figures
Unidentified flying object turns out to be advertising stunt
Teenager spots UFO over Ipswich
Close Encounters
UFO Sighting: Bardstown, Kentucky; 1975
Haunted Hall in Topeka?-News Video
The Devil’s Exorcism – Danielle Lee
Haunted:Vicksburg Cemetery of Renville, MN
On the Job-Ghost Hunting with SWPRG-Video
UFO in Photo?
Bucks "flapping' over UFO sightings
UFO' claim brings MoD response
Sceptic' politician saw UFO- Australia
UFOs-Fact or Fiction
UFOs-is the truth out there?
Kitchener leads area for UFO sightings
UFO sighting by Pat Regan of Ainsdale still a mystery
UFO Stalker- Vermilion, Ohio
UFO in Tayrona?
Folk Art: Mary and UFO
UFOs and UFO fleets-Video
UFO- Long Beach, Ca-Video
Florence Oregon, UFO-July 9, 2008
Paranormal Radio Network- Robert Hastings-Listen Now!
Paranormal Radio Network- Don Ledger-Listen Now!

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