Thursday, July 17, 2008


Part 1: A Faustian Prerogative-The Permeability of The Self In Relation To A Dualistic Trickster-Intangible Materiality
The Report from Iron Mountain
The Republican-American UFOs reported in Waterbury
NASA's Deep Impact Films Earth As an Alien World
LONGER FOOTAGE - JULY 3rd – Larry King Live
Mystery in sky over Waterbury
An alien's-eye view of Earth from 31 million miles away
Bits and Pieces-Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
Why the Paranormal is Normal
Missing UFO Evidence: Pt1-UFO Media Matters-Joseph Capp
The Caratinga ‘Vortex UFO’
UFO Mystic - Vallee on UFOs – Nick Redfern
Stephenville UFOs: A Personal Connection
Haunted Orchard of Woodburn, Oregon
Witness Recounts UFO Sighting in Houston Suburb
Psychologist/UFO researcher to speak in Cody
UFO Era-Info on Dr. Eric Walker, MJ-12
'UFO Hunters' probe 1997 Phoenix Lights
UFO Visits Grecia - Photo
Mt. Hamilton, California July 2008-Cigar ufo?-Video
Writing for an Extraterrestrial Audience
UFO Sighting in Wiltshire, UK- VIDEO-HOAX
An Alien Encounter?
Ghost team 'snaps' haunting battle shot
Searching for Dahlonega's haunt spots-Photo
Bewitching the sceptics
More UFO sightings over Hatfield-UK
High Level of UFO Sightings Over the UK
UFOs spotted in skies over North Somerset-UK
Police investigate Hounslow UFOs-UK
New Crop Circle Reported July 15, 2008
Psychologist to speak on UFOs, aliens
UFO’s: The Secret Evidence
YouTube – UFOs Declassified – Fox News
Retired UFO Researcher Don Ecker selling personal UFO library
Snarly Skepticism-Re: Andrew T. Durham article
Gnostic Archons = Aliens? Part 2 on John Lamb Lash’s Theory
A Different Perspective: Jason Kellahin and Robin Adair
Encounters with the Unexplained: Majestic Documents
The Genesis of a New Theory of Matter
Stephen D. Sullivan: UFO: The Best Evidence-caught on tape
Jacques Vallee-Messengers of Deception
Tonight's topics are brought to you by Canada - Phantom Green
The Watchful Ghost
The Daily Dead
Ghost Under a Bridge
1951: UFO Over Terre Haute Airport
More UFO 2008
Reviewing the Island of Paradise
UFO Sighting Finland
Club uses science to search for paranormal
Plan your weekend-TapsCon Paranormal
Bewitching the sceptics
Searching for Dahlonega's haunt spots
Spirituality is All in How You Think
Lizzie Bordon-Paranormal Radio-7/23-9pm
Ghost Hunters International “Devil Dog” Report Card
The Paranormal Realm-7/25 8pm

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