Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Second Movie Article - UFOs
"UFO" Around the World
Summer and Fall: Notes from Tom Towers
Chop Pleased, Towers Has Deja Vu
Movie Article Eclipsed by Cover Model's Tragic Plea - UFOs
Children and Ghosts: A Perceptive reality?
Infrared Strobe Theory
The Hohokam and Pueblo Grande-Rituals and Ideology
UFO Era: Paranet: roundup of Hoagland/mars/cydonia
Noteworthy UFO YouTubes-last two weeks
All Hail the Alien Masters
Tom Towers: The Final Note-Robert Barrow
Greene's Press Book Article - UFOs
The Haunted Danger Zone
Do you believe in ghosts?
Marie Jones, 2012, Endings & Beginnings-Nick Redfern
UFO Flap over Bucks County, PA – Paranormal Pastor
The Truth About Alien Implants In Human Bodies
Children being Prepared for UFO Disclosure
A Rough Guide to Extra-Terrestrial Visitors
New way to search for ET proposed
Uprise against Fake CGI UFO videos !
WUFO – TV49 Inudates Washington DC with Fringe Topics 24/7
Interview with Grandson of Roswell Crash Site-Foster Ranch
Resident sees unique lights in sky
All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed
David Icke - Big Brother, The Big Picture – Use your best judgment
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Red Feather Lakes, CO
Pattern found in wheat field-Holmesville, Ontario
UFO Sighting in Montana
UFO Sighting: Lake Jocassee, SC-6/3/80
Mountain Mystery
According to Google:What do you do if you see a UFO
Ring Shape UFO
The weird journey home-Leslie at the Debris Field
New Strobelight Tech Gadget Excites Paranormal Community
Latest Mothy News From Andrew Colvin
Shades of History camp ties together local legends, culture
Siloam Springs police report two men tried to buy woman's soul
Paranormal Ponderings....
Strobelight tech gadget excites paranormal community
Animal Ghost Photos
Ghost Under the Bridge
Episode from NZ Paranormal
Ghostly Giggles-Video
China Could Beat US in Moon Race
Who in Mainstream Media Cares to Talk about UFOs?
Death at the Door – Danielle Lee
Children of the Paranormal
Haunting by the Living – Danielle Lee
Socrates, Caves and Multidimensional Aliens
Crop Circles – 5 Pt National Geographic Channel
Scripps Survey Researches Polls - UFOs and Intelligent Life Off-World

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