Sunday, July 13, 2008


Ufo Abduction Syndrome: If You Can Read This, You Might Be An Alien Abductee
UFO Story in Denver
President Bush and Dick Cheney on UFOs
My Ufo Experienc-UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock
Launch in Progress!
How Will You Celebrate "UFO Awareness Day"?
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Plymouth, IN
Saanich, BC Spherical Object
A Global Focus Interviews Canadian Ufologist Don Ledger
UFO sighting
UFO sighting
YouTuber shows how to debunk an alien
A flying saucer-“There are alien bases on earth”
Seascale, Cumbria U.K. UFO Sighting
Paranormal experts haunt southern AZ towns
UFO Era-Aquarius is government UFO research project
Australia A Saucer Shaped UFO
UFO Mystery unraveled
UFO Disclosure, Its History and Bible Connections 7/14 9pm ET
UFOs: The Secret History-7/13 1pm ET
UFOs and You
Clarksburg author fueled Americans with flying saucers
UFO Pilgrim - Now can you believe?
This Week on Exopolitics Radio
What if humans were the alien life-forms?
"Alien" joins meeting about poking holes in video
Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection-Book
John Keel - Moon Craters - Or Secret UFO Bases?
UFO Mystic-Anti-Structure In Ufology – Greg Bishop
Seeing a UFO was unforgettable
UFO? Or one of 10,000 satellites?
Dream Interpretation: Abandonment and Reconciliation
Civil War ghost captured on film by paranormal enthusiasts
Joliet Paranormal Radio-7/19 10pm ET
Contact the Dead?
Einstein's Legacy: Inside the Quest for Gravity Waves

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