Saturday, July 12, 2008


Dreams and the Power of Mythology
Haunted: A Haunting in Connecticut
My Strange Experience #9
Emmy Award winner Insights: An Alien Agenda?
Larry W. Bryant’s UFOview
Confessions of a Real Ghost Hunter: Pt1
Chemtrails and some of our worst nightmares
RODS: The Greatest Stories Ever Denied
Ghost Orbs, or Something Easy to Explain?
30min speech about UFOa
UFO over Howth, Ireland?
UFO Era - Questions on Aquarius
UFOs Shut Down 10 Nuke Silos at Malmstrom AFB-Videos
UFOs over Stephenville neared Bush ranch-MUFON report
Radar tracked unidentified craft near Crawford
Socrates, Caves, and Multidimensional Aliens
The Alien Underground: Picking Apart The Shaver Mystery
Unknown Sighting
Snarly Skepticism-Skeptics Fight Back? – Regan Lee
Britains Closest UFO Encounters
New Blog “Roasted Aliens”
UFO Orb in Wales, 7/11/08 -Video
UFO Orb Light Fleet over Berlin 7/11/08 - Video
The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs
UFO Undercover-Guest Alfred Lambremont Webre, J.D., M.Ed
UFO Sighting north.of Norristown, PA-10/10/08
Texas UFO & Jets May Have Entered Restricted Airspace
Psychology & UFOs on Maritime Morning
Tipton, Indiana A Large Orange Light
UFO Era-Air force response to FOIA query-Aquarius
Black Ops Officer Who Went Missing-Dulce
Did UFOs stop a nuclear war?
Barrie, ONT- two unknown white high flying objects
Windsor, Ontario Circular UFOs
Beausejour, Manitoba-Silver angular shaped UFO
UFO gives off electrical charge –BC, Can
The Ghosts of the Asbury Church Graveyard
Defending Madison's Inn
Ghost hunters on rise with yen for answers
Ghost hunters to visit Randolph College-Video
Ghost Temple
Paranormal group finds ghost of dead soldier at Naseby
Investigating the unusual
Blog Talk Radio-The Paranormal Hour-Listen Now!
Paranormal gathering Aug. 9 in Indy

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