Monday, July 7, 2008


The Super Secret Alien Government Conspiracy
UFO Swarms Videotaped by NASA
2008 Crop Circle Video
Aliens at Bloomfield Road
Patterns of Ufo Abductions-The Hive
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighting, Temecula, CA
Crop Circle at Kanton Thurgau, Switzerland – June 20 - Crop Circle Puzzles Switzerland Residentsa
The ten most compelling UFO cases in history
A Few Thoughts on the Multiple Sighting Witness–Steve Bass
Aliens no longer love America
UFO over London
UFO Coverups – Reasons to Believe
UFO-Before and after
UFO sighting in Hertford
British UFO sightings at ‘bizarree' levels
John Ratcliff's-Who's In Charge of the UFO cover-up? We are!?
Anyone else remember this Knox UFO sighting?
The European Roswell
Edinburgh, Scotland Cigar Shaped UFO
UFOs in Southall? - UK
Public in denial over UFOs, says investigator
Ufos Spotted In Cheam-UK
The Paracast with UFO expert Scott Corrales
Alien spotted in Mumbles!
UFO Stalker – UFO Sighing, Scranton, PA
UFO lights' spotted above Cyprus
The 10 most prominent ufologists
Parapsychology and the Paranormal-Online poll
Nicholls class sends students on search for the paranormal
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting Fresno, California
The truth about Francine Giottigo’s YouTubes
Rich Giordano-The Az UFO Show-Listen Now!
Calgary, Alberta Airport-Silver Colored Triangular Craft
The Universe, Man and Extraterrestrial Life
Black Vault with Michael Horn
Belmore, Ontario Meteor - Round Ball With Large Tail
Hope, British Columbia Witness Films UFOs
Surrey, BC- Huge UFO(audio)
Vancouver, BC UBC Highway Green Orbs ( UFOs )
Colchester: Family look to the skies for answers
Alien nation
Vietnam UFO Crash Metal May Be the Smoking Gun
Strange Tales 11: Which Story is False?
Hominid Terror, Psychic Pets, Spirit House

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