Thursday, July 10, 2008


UFO Media Matters - The Last Scientist Pt.2
The Phantom Hitchhiker
Abductees Speak-The Hive
A.Z. UFO Radio Show Revamped -Video
Studying the Betty & Barney Hill UFO case
10 Years of Storytelling
Looney Tunes Update
UFO captured on camera in N.Tyneside-UK
It’s a ufo twi-stery Scarisbrick nr Southport-UK
The room with the view
MUFON: A Light within the Darkness of Mystery
Precious Indigos
The Roar of the Aurora
Straight Talk About UFO Abductions
Prom sparks UFO mystery
Denver-E.T. Vote Put On Hold
Documentary explores UFO history
Hebden Bridge-Local schoolteacher says UFO woke her up
What ARE those things?
FAA ruling out bird for nose cone damage to airliner
Mexico: Santa Cecilia UFO was a Balloon
Ernie Sear’s Abduction Experience
Project Blue Book Warning
UFO captured on camera in North Tyneside
Kelowna, BC-Lights Group Together
Smithers, BC- A Brightly Illuminated UFO
Surrey, BC-A Meteorite Flashed Overhead
Surrey, BC-Object With White Strobing Lights
Millville, Nova Scotia A Large And Very Bright Object
UFO expert urges Denver to open doors - The Denver Post
The aliens are here! – Middleton UK
Radio-Ghost Whisperer- Mary Ann Winkowski-July 15, 2pm ET
Are Scientists Afraid of Ghosts?
Ghost Hunters International “Larnach Castle” Report Card
Out of the Darkness w/Chip Coffey & Ryan Buell-7/16 8pmET
The Strange Figure at Jackson Lake
Ashmore on Sci-Fi channel
Ghost Hunters Return to W. Virginia
MysteryMag- What’s new

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