Saturday, June 28, 2008


UFO Sighting - Conejo, California
Could Nazca Lines Have Been Made by Astral Projection?
Road To Roswell & Burlington 2008: A Discussion With Jon Kelly
The Great Pyramid and Alien Visitors
NEW BLOG! UFO Proletariat – Regan Lee & Alfred Lehmberg
Flying Saucers Are Real – Stanton Friedman
The Lure of Paranormal
UFO Reports - When they were honest
Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah on the P.O.R.T.A.L. – June 29th 7pm ET
UFO spotted in Hucknall skies
The Paranormalist Interviews Jeremy Vaeni
Interesting UFO encounter near Ottawa – August 1979
Asteroid-hunting satellite a world first
The aliens state, “Decide whether we should show up”
American Chronicle - Why Believe? By, Steve Bass
Close Encounters Of The Worst Kind
UFOs filmed at temple pyramid festival in Santa Cecilia – Acatitlan, Mexico
NASA’s Blackswift hypersonic scramjet -HTV-3X – Six times the speed of sound!
Orange sphere, visible for one second
Vintage UFO -Creepy Rabbit Flying Saucer Men
Ufo's in Georgia
To Earth From Heaven by John Foster
Gonzo UFOlogy and the Myth of Witness Non-Objectivity
Saucer Reality
U.F.O. Theory
UFO Sighted In The Atlantic Ocean
Back engineering ET craft considered
Maths analysis of Bob Lazar's UFO claims
The Letter of the Week from Jeff Peckman To Everyone
The Chrononauts: Alternative Theory About UFOs
Crop Circle Science
Aliens in the Home World
Do Ghosts Haunt Us While We Sleep?
Larnach Castle, New Zealand
Trying to catch alien whispers from outer space
Listening to radio emissions in aurora may help in searching alien worlds
101 Ghost Jokes
UFO photographed over Hampshire
Strange Facts - UFO’s
Is Jimmy Carter a UFO Abductee?
The green men of home
Paranormal experts investigate Fort Benton's ghostly happenings
Flying Saucers
Pyramid phenomena and Other-World Visitors

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