Thursday, August 7, 2008


Armchair astronomer discovers unique 'cosmic ghost
Culture of Contact: Field Trip, Fairies, and Jeff Ritzmann
UFO sightings - It's time for an official inquiry.
A Chilling Insight Into the Extraterrestrial Life
UFO ERA: The origin of "Krill" by Bill Cooper
Paranormal, Cryptid and Extraterrestrial Events
The Paranormal Pastor: The Witch Cave of Une
The Mirrored World Beyond
Surpise guest - UFO and energy expert Aug 9th-ummm Greer?
The Anti-Muldar Society - I don't want to believe
Kimball, Smith, Bush and MJ-12, By Stanton Friedman
Book: Philip J. Imbrogno Explains it All
UFO Sighting in Romsley Near Clent Hills, Stourbridge, UK

Alienation news: UFO FLAP - Russia
UFO Propulsion Systems
Edgar Mitchell's Roswell Revelations and Pentagon Briefing
Vintage UFO: MIB History in America - Regan Lee
It's Not Exactly The Disclosure Project
Galactic Federation of Light Alien Ship first Contact
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Indiana
UFOMystic - The Uncon - Nick Redfern
UFO-The Future Challenge
The Truth is Out There: UFOs and government inaction
Alien Realities: alien contact
British Astronomer Warns Of Alien Attack!
Radio: Galactic Freedom Day - Aug 8th
Radio: Friends of EUP with Timothy Good - Aug 7th
Radio: UFO Paranormal radio-Stephen Bassett - Listen Now!
JRSG is adventure into unusual and 'transcendent phenomena
UFOs: Flying Emotions - Seth Shostak
UFO Sighting in Romsley Near Clent Hills, Stourbridge, UK
The Firestorm: Dr. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science
Crop Circle Shrivenham, Oxfordshire Aug 1
Crop Circle Beckhampton, Wiltshire Aug 3rd
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 7th
Radio: The Lucifer Project - Listen Now!
VIDEO: Ghost Haunting Metro Area Restaurant?
Daily Grail - Parapsychologist Dean Radin is Everywhere
Randi on Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Regan Lee
UFO sceptics report sightings in Kings Heath
Prince George - Sighting among few still unexplained
Official UFO investigator ID card
An Astronaut's Crusade - Steve Bass
Haverhill - burial ground among the most haunted?
Paranormal News: The Spirit Advocate
Film makes old jail even scarier
Ashland landmark search for paranormal activity
Ghosts Chasers will appear on Spirit Radio-Aug 16th
Daily Grail - Remote Viewing Case Study

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