Monday, August 4, 2008


UFO Sighting Reports Aug 4th
UFO: The True Story of Flying Saucers-Robert Barrow
UFO: Attention Theater Owners-Robert Barrow
UFO - For Newspaper Entertainment Editors-Robert Barrow
UFO Over Gran Canaria?
A Roswell, NM towns person interview
Jason Martell - Coast to Coast - Planet X 2008
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom A Round Pearl Like UFO
Sydney, Australia Two Disc UFOs
Moncton, NB - A Unknown White Round Object
Hanover, Ontario Unknown Objects
Lake Worth, Florida - Triangular And Rectangular UFOs
Report: Mars Less Habitable Than Previously Thought
UFO Videos: Moscow, Columbia, NY, Utah, Toronto, France
Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm
Video: Strange Lights-Muskoka Wharf-Gravenhurst, Ont
Hanover, Ontario Unknown Objects
UFO ERA: Info leak on Majic data
UFOINFO - UFO Sightings
Possible UFO Landing-Western MD
NASA Denies White House Briefing, Life On Mars
US's continued negligence of restricted airspace violations by Unidentified Aerial Objects
Nick Redfern and Skeptics throwing in the towel
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 4
The OrangeOrb: Musings From The Orb - Regan Lee
Did this York County man see a UFO?
Project Camelot: Renegade: Gordon Novel on Camera
Ufological Woes and Bonfire of Vanities, UFO Style
Posthuman Blues w/Dr. Leo Sprinkle -Mac Tonnies
Eye To The Sky Guest Stephen Bassett-Listen Now!
Through The Keyhole-Paola Harris - Listen Now!
Andrew Needermeyer - Manhattan Project Listen Now!
Dreamland -Joseph Farrell-Listen Now!
The Paracast Leslie Kean Aug 10
Book-Beyond UFOs
Book-The Coronado Island UFO Incident
First Contact-Astrobiology Magazine
The New Mars Conspiracy
Haunted Con Paranormal Conference 2008 - Phoenix, AZ
Waverly AMVETS have ghost story
Strange Days: The ghost of Pc. Hosea Pope
The Paranormal: A New Science of the 21st Century
Your True Tales - Jan-Aug 2008

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