Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sydney Nova Scotia UFOs Playing With Each Other
Report on Channel Island UFO seen by Capt Ray Bowyer available
White House Briefed:Phoenix to announce potential for life on mars
Space Aliens Blamed For Electric Universe
The Paranormal Pastor: The Ghost Bride of 19th Street
Will We Ever Be Able to Prove the Existence of Ghosts?
Haunted Mirrors
Man Who Walked on Moon Claims Aliens Have Visited
Cheltenham, UK Four Orange Orbs
UFOs And The Interdimensional Hypothesis
Nick Pope injects some intelligence into the UFO debate
UFO Pilgrim- Astronomers and UFOs
Alien technology and UFO Sightings, Ashburton, Devon, England
Ghost Hunters Interational: Debunking Europe's Legends
Astronaut admission sparks wave of UFO sightings
Paracast -Andrew Neddermeyer-Manhattan Project-Aug 3
The White House is briefed: Phoenix-potential for life on Mars
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Ft. Meyers, FL
Cosmic Visions: Freeman Dyson-ET in the solar system
Brantford Expositor - Ontario, CA
UFO Media Matters:Bonfire Of The Vanities-UFO Style
Blissful, Willful, Ignorance and Apathy-Regan Lee
The Media´s Absence in Reporting Ufology- Steve Bass
Event to End Secret Extraterrestrial Agreements
Phoenix Births Planetary department of ET Alliances
Kelowna, BC A Bright Glowing White Silvery Object
UFOINFO - UFO Sightings
Dedroidify: Alien abductions
Ghost Photographer- The Spirit Guide - Danielle Lee
Looking for a few good ghosts
The Paranormal Realm LIVE Radio- Aug 8
The Paranormal Party of The Summer-Aug 8
The PORTAL- Paranormal Talk Radio Show Enters Prime Time
Paranormal Radio is being hailed as the NEW Art Bell
Paranormal Investigators-Local hospitality lacking
Mystery Guest isn't a fan of this lively Chester pub
Searching for spirits
Give 'Em Hill: Seeing (blips) is believing
Richard's Room 101
We're all victims of alien abduction
UFO Mystic-Wake up Down There-Bad Astromony-Greg Bishop
Guillermo Del Toro "Pan's Labyrinth" speaks of UFO encounter
Daily Grail - Afterlife Research Controversy

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