Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mysterious Crop Circles Discoverd near Minnesota Town
UFO Sighting - Kaliningrad, Russia
UFO Sightings this week in Gloucester and Devon - UK
New UFO Mystery Surfaces - George Knapp
Unidentified Flying Threats - Nick Pope - New York Times
UFO Video Taped Over Topanga Canyon
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Eagle River, WI
Above & Beyond (Paul Kimball) ceases blogging with - Omega
Brief Appearance - Robert Barrow
Considering the Necessity of American Black Budget Projects
The Gralien Report-Chinese Flying Saucer
Argentina: Mutilations in Rosario del Tala
Daily Grail - News Briefs 29-07-2008
UFOMystic - Tujunga UFOs in Print
NASA films UFO then later denies visual proof

Statins, UFOs , Power, and Secrets
UFOs mid east prophecy? Bill Salus interviewed by Tom Horn
Ufo over Vernon Canada - Video
On the Hunt for Aberdeen Ghosts
Bodie 1:17, by Paul Dale Roberts
Orange UFOs puzzle Brum
VIDEO: UFOs spotted hovering over Crawley
Scoopsville, 21st Century Style
Did you spot the mysterious lights over Sheffield?
Gary BekkumReveals Real-life Government X-files
Aerospace physicist Dr Robert M Wood Joins Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Physicist Dr. Peter Sturrock and others wanting public UFO study
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Radio - Aug 5

There's life in space, says someone who's been there
CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale
Credible Testimonies, Part 2: Pilots and Politicians
Credible Testimonies, Part 1: Astronauts
The Point: A Credible Believer?
Edgar Mitchell’s Integrity vs Big Media Spin - Heavy Stuff
XFiles 15: This weeks UFO Report
Idaho woman determined to spread word about UFOs
Nick Pope-To Defend Our Airspace, We Should Investigate UFOs
UFO Witnesses Require An Apology and Reconciliation
UFO ERA: Data on Majestic-12 program 5
Nation's largest UFO Conference was held this past weekend
St. Leonards On Sea, East Sussex-UK-Oval Shaped UFO
Paranormal Hollywood: The Haunted Life of Billy Bob Thornton
Daily Grail - News Briefs July 2, 2008
Pillar Lake-Bright Object-Falkland BC Canada
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Bright Light Over Israel
UFO Sighting: Miami to Naples, Florida; Summer of 1961 or 1962
UFOLOGY - Cult Lifestyle or Scientific Discipline
Review of Flying Saucers and Science
I-Team: New UFO Mystery Surfaces
Crop circles near nw Minnesota town | UFO Info Center
UFO Stalker-UFO sighted over Bad Aibling
My Philately: UFO on stamps
The Federal Restaurant Haunted?
Real Life and Paranormal Radio-July 29
Humans predicted to make Contact with ET within two decades
How to Market Extraterrestrial Tourism
Astronaut’s alien conspiracy theory
Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal, Cryptid and ET Events
A really sad EVP
Caught on camera-UFO has got experts baffled
VIDEO: UFOs spotted hovering over Crawley
US Signs International Deal to Collaborate on Lunar Missions
Virgin Galactic Unveils 'White Knight Two' Launch Vehicle
Moonwalker's UFO Claim
Abundance or Scarcity?-Spirituality
Extrasolar Mystery-Adam Korbitz
Orange UFOs puzzle Brum
Friday's Total Solar Eclipse can be Watched on the Internet
The Delta Aquarid and Capricornid Meteors Sparkle This Week
Unusual Exoplanet Dances in Sync With Its Sun-Like Star
Behind the Power and Beauty of Northern Lights

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