Thursday, July 31, 2008


Argentina: A UFO Fleet Over Rosario
Alien and UFO proof-"I want to believe" but who?
Data, schmata-cliches rock - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Discovery Channel to begin Bucks UFO investigation
UFO ERA: Data on Majestic-12 program 2
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Shutesbury, MA
Blast from the past: Majestic 12 or "MJ-12" Reference Report
Blast from the past: Project Blue Book

Rochester Paranormal-Analysis & Observation
Extraterrestrial Terraforming Starts With Bacteria
The challenges in recording electronic voice phenomena
Denbigh ghost hunter in jaunt at Plas Teg
Did a Security-Cam Catch UFO's?
Near the A40- Burford-UK-Bright Lights In The Field
Armthorpe Doncaster UK-A Sphere Shaped Object
Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia Two Orange Lights
Ipswich, Suffolk UK Round Colored Light
Bradford, West Yorkshire, England Light Changes To Black Disk
Lawrence Weston Bristol UK 20 Plus Red Lights
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Real Paranormal Researcher?
UFO crash in Vietnam still a mystery
I Have Seen Demons And Angels
Newfoundland motorists report roadside apparitions
Blain And His Imaginary Friend Rachel - A Ghost Story
Estimate of the Situation-Warp Speed, Scotty!

Vintage U.F.O.-UFO Magazine: Defending the Contactees
Rare 1984 Hudson Valley UFO video
Entity Contact
UFO Stalker- UFO Sighting, Oaklawn, IL
The Almaden Review: UFOs and Public Space Travel
UFO Paranormal Radio-Reptilian Aliens-Listen Now!
UFOMystic - MJ12: The Latest
UFOMystic - UFOs and Earthquake Lights
UFO Breaking News! Eyewitness recounts battle of L.A.
The truth is out there
Is this a UFO?
VIDEO: UFOs over Worthing
NASA Space Craft Operator Witnessed ET in Space Shuttle Mission
Paranormal occurrences? Local group investigates
Experts look into haunting at Capitol
A little on St. Helen's, Oregon-hauntings
Tilgate Mansion, Crawley, West Sussex
Sleep Disorder: The Paranormal Psychological View
Paranormal groups seek haunted history at area sites
Our alien friends and their flying machines
Close encounters in the capital
Angelia Joiner on We Are Not Alone podcast
More About the Paranormal by Ben Steele
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Twin Falls, ID
Daily Grail - News Briefs 31-07-2008
City plans to make UFO site into tourist attraction
Electrical Activity-Key ET Life Indicator-Discovered on Saturn's Titan

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