Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Blast from the Past:UFO Experience-A Scientific Inquiry
Blast from the Past:Air Force closes study of UFO’s
Blast from the Past:Project Blue Book
Blast from the Past: UFO study finds no sign of aliens
Blast from the Past:UFOs? No such thing, secret U.K. study finds
Truth or Scare?
Crop Circle in my village!
What UFOs Are
Roswell - Hello and Farewell Until Next Year
Videos Worthy of Note - Late July 2008
Crop Circle - Hodson, Wiltshire - UK July 30, 2008
Vernon, British Columbia Two UFOs
Voyaging to DMT Space with Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D.
City plans to make UFO site into tourist attraction
Where Do Aliens Come From
High Strangeness-Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
Daily Grail - News Briefs, July 30, 2008
Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country
Gary McKinnon Loses Appeal and will Head to the United States
Putting the "Warp" into Warp Drive
Ghost Story
Real Ghost Hunting-Not That Fake Stuff on TV
Kelowna, BC-Flame Like Cloud
Heckmondwike, W.Yorkshire UK-UFO Zig Zags In The Sky
Manitoba-Bright Object Returns The Next Night
North of Barrie, Ontario Unknown Object
Ghosts of Gettysburg and Beyond
Gary McKinnon, British computer hacker, lost appeal
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Redding, California
Old Blind Dog: Ghosts and Foo Fighters
Exploring The Drone Hoax
Snarly Skepticism Joe Nickell Owl Award Goes To..
Keeping an eye out for UFOs
Author explores supernatural
Lockport man says he's a paranormal magnet
On the hunt for Aberdeen ghosts
Out of the Darkness - Coffey and Buell of Paranormal State- 7/30
Radio-Jaqui Carpenter with Michigan Paranorma-Listen Now!
Could repeated UFO sightings be proof we are not alone?
Our garden was buzzed by a UFO!
Creature of the Matrix
Networking site Bebo beams message to Earth-like planet
Evolution, Creationism, and the Other Option
The Scooter McGee Show-Stanton Friedman-Listen Now!
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Mt. Pleasant, MI
The Stargate Chronicles by Clark C. McClelland
Famous rocket scientist saw Roswell spacecraft
2nd Video of Topanga Canyon UFO Emerges
Voice America to Interview Ed Mitchell
UFO Paranormal with Peter Woodbury-Listen Now!
Culture of Contact-Christopher Knowles-Listen Now!
Chinese Lanterns cast light on Shropshire UFO claims

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