Friday, August 1, 2008


Crop Circles - Six more locations in the UK
The Orange Orb - Quibbles - Regan Lee
UFO Discovered in Criss Angel Program
Video - Total Solar Eclipse - August 1, 2008
UFO Sightings around the world - Sight Unseen
Circular Evidence: Crop Circle Photo Archive made public
Crop Circle Photographs over the past 26 years
Off-Topic-Dead Puppies and Montauk Monsters

Off Topic- MIT Scientist closer to answer for solar energy storage
Babelfish-universal translator allows ET to speak English
Guided UFO dangers
Britannia Radio: UFOs Go Mainstream
Five UFO Close Encounters Before Roswell
Northern Territory News
Is this the Staines UFO? - Staines News
Video-NBC TV - Socorro makes claim as UFO destination
Martian Water Is Red Herring in Alien Intelligence Hunt
Videos-The Socorro Close Encounter - Socorro, NM 1964
Hominid Sighting Red Lion, PA- 7/18/08
Paranormal Activity in Capitol Building Under Investigation
Spirits in Ontario Museum Speak to Researchers
Hacking away at truth and failings of the disclosure community?
U.F.O.s and the Terrorist
The Las Vegas UFO Crash - Kevin Randle
UFO ERA: Data on Majestic-12 program 1
Texas Oasis: Ministry of Pie Plates
UFOs Definitively, Absolutely Proven To Have Visited Houston
Canada UFO: Kaslo BC Unknown Object
Lafayette, Indiana An Orange Round Light
Mesa, AZ- Round Bright Lights Stop And Hover
Contact: Scientists Discuss Future of Humans in Space
Jazeera Airways Inflight Magazine » Close Encounters
Strange Sighting In New Jersey area
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Mansfield, OH
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting, Branson MO
Vernon, BC - N.E. Sky A Glowing Orb
Daily Grail - The Naughty Astronomer
Daily Grail - News Briefs 01-08-2008
Couple start business giving ghost tours in New Bern
The OrangeOrb-Quibbles-Regan Lee
Astronaut's alien claims fall short, says UFO researcher
Haven, Florida An Egg Shaped UFO
Clacton On Sea, Essex, England A Spherical UFO
The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock
Sovereignty and the UFO - Political Theory
Bournemouth, Dorset, GB Star Like Bright Object
A Bright Flash In The Arizona Sky
The Allies of Humanity Briefings & the Ethics of Contact
Bristol, UK A Large Glowing Pulsing Orb
South Yorkshire-Orange Ball
Shirley Maclaine Becomes A UFO Conspiracy Reporter
Chudleigh, Exeter, Devon UK 30 To 40 Objects
A few pics from MUFON Symposium
Bucks England 30 To 40 Lights
What Is The Real Truth About UFO’s?
Manitoba A Bright Object Returns The Next Night
Berlin Mitte Strange UFO Filmed
The Monkey Cage: The Truth is out there
Kelowna, BC A Large Orange Flame Like Cloud
Calgary, Alberta Oblong Object
UFOs and national security
CapeBreton Island, Nova Scotia-White Orb
Infinity By Design
Surrey, British Columbia ISS Sighting
Winnipeg, Manitoba Numerous Objects
Ghost Hunters Recap Shattered Spirits
New Jersey Red Lights In A V Pattern UFO
The truth is out there
Louisiana Light
Ghostly noises recorded at Bishop museum

Paranormal groups seek haunted history at area sites
Phone Ghosts, Shadow People, FBI's X-Files
Video: Crop Circles Worldwide - July 2008
Astronauts as UFO Witnesses
Portland, Dorset, UK Triangular UFO
We're all victims of alien abduction

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