Monday, August 18, 2008


Canada's Ex-Defence Minister on UFO Disclosure
Latest UFO Sighting Reports for August 18, 2008
UFO days to kick off this weekend - Ft. Payne, AL
MyFox -Local Residents Snap Pictures Of Possible UFOs
UFO Identified As A Chinese Lantern
Daily Grail - News Briefs Aug 18th

Nick Redfern at Crypto-Conference
Star Trek warp drive is a possibility, say scientists
UFO ERA: An explanatory hypothesis of Aliens
Hyde Park, London UK Inverted Horseshoe Shaped UFOs
Hobbema, Alberta Triangle UFO As Large As A Football Field
Waterborough, New Brunswick UFO Hovers Over An Open Field
Northeast Of Brandon, Manitoba Tube Like White Colored UFO
North Bay, Ontario Lights Looked Like A Disco Ball

Squatchdetective Radio: Bigfoot on ice Pt2 - 8:00pm tonight
The Ghost of Owen Hart
HPI Hits the Streets of San Francisco: Haight Ashbury
The Beyond: Introduction To An Open Mind

For Candor, Try History - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Video: UFO over my house
Video: UFO impressive capture Canada prospect bay
Video: UFO Footage from Romania
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Beech Grove, IN
UFO over Bridlington Bay, East Yorkshire - UK
A UFO is captured in photos - UK
Sturrock Panel Report on UFO Physical Evidence-The Hive
FOIA Requests Declassified Documents
Science, Proof And The UFO - The Hive
The Gralien-Could NASA Probes Explain Some Crashed UFOs?
Blast from the past: CSETI Mexico City Sightings - The Hive
An alien eye for art in auto design and architecture
Monsters, Ghosts and Gods: Why We BelieveGhost Hunt

Plasma Life Forms - Aliens From a Parallel Earth
Extraterrestrial cowboy?
Mogul Didn't Matter - Kevin Randle
Pt. 3 The metaphysics of the UFO - Intangible Materiality
Bigfoot In My Freezer - Is, Ufo In My Barn - Next?
Hiding In Plain Sight - Watching
8 questions for astronaut Buzz Aldrin
We Are Not Alone
Gary Bates speaks about Ed Mitchell’s recent disclosurerd
47blog: "Alien Casebook"
New Sky Fishing photos
England, UK A Dark Flying Disc Shaped UFO
Ottawa, Ontario Giant Orb Just Above The Trees
Newton, Kansas Giant Moon Sized UFO Glides Through The Sky
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Madison, WI
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Sedona, Arizona
UFOs Over UK August 2oo8 :Video
There Are Strange Things Over Kansas City
Radio:Paranormal/Michigan Makeup Late show-Aug 18th
Radio: Eye to the Sky-The UFO Synopsis-Dr. Robert LeLieuvre
The possession on Anneliese Michel - Documentary
Shamans, Ghosts and Exorcisms
This Is Not A Moldy Orange
You're Not in the Matrix
Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids
The Gralien Report -The Community Weighs In
Will The Real Bigfoot Please Stand Up?

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