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Philadelphia Weirdness - Night brings the hag
Frame 352: "Crazy Bear" and UFOs
The Shadow World of UFOs
Waiting for ET's call
‘Evil spirits’ possess 25 high school students in Mindoro
Denver CC sidesteps the ballot initiative process - Jeff Peckman
Calgary And Edmonton, Alberta Various Sightings
Roche Lake Coquihalla Area BC Meteor Sighting
Victoria, Vancouver Island BC A Large Silver/Gray Object
Windsor Ontario An Oval Shaped UFO
North Sooke Vancouver Island, BC Elongated Metal UFO
Vallejo, CA Tiny Blue Object Coming Out Of Large UFO
Blanford Forum/ Dorset UK Bright Light
Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Object Looked Like It Was On Fire
Tile Hill, Coventry UK Nine Orange Lights
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England Three Spherical Object
Hinckley Leicestershire UK A Dark Diamond Shaped Object
Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports: Vehicle Interference
A Novel Multidisciplinary Study of the UFO Phenomenon
Robot Aliens - Adam Korbitz
Whitley Strieber - UFO Travel
The Future of Evidence in a Mysterious World
NASA Skylab: Mystery UFO and Groom Lake photos
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Chicago, IL
UFO ERA: Inside ufology - Sep, '88
Budd Hopkins Ask What Type Of UFO Person Are You
Cow mutilation photos

The Times - Chile promotes UFO tourism
Ghost Tour Guide
Is this a picture of a Tewkesbury ghost?
Crazy Bears and UFOs
Chile touts intergalactic ties with 'UFO trail'
UFO: Movie Article Chronology
UFOs - Bucks County, PA - Fox News
UFO sightings around the world - Sight unseen
Alien contactee Alex Collier comes out of hiatus
Crop circles - Wilshire, Bedfordshire and Hampshire
The Crystal Kingdom - Danielle Lee

Evansville UFO Report: Latest Area Sighting in Jasper,IN
UFO Sighting: Sylacauga, Alabama; Aug 19th
UFO USO,Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia ,Canada
World UFOs: UFO Sighting Reports -Aug 11th - HBCC
UFO Sighting Reports Aug 2nd - HBCC
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Michigan Aug 20th
New Sightings Germany Video
More Sky Fishing UFO Photos - Aug 9th
Explosions in Canada and strange crafts everywhere
UFO Magazine: UFOs Over Arizona and Hopi Prophecy
Poll: Aliens No Threat To God - Adam Korbitz
Alien Realities: Alien Superiority Complex
UFO - retro tribute to 50's Ufo movies
The story of the Crop Circle
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 20th
Haunted: Crawford Road, Yorktown, VA - Aug 12th
Paranormal News: The man in the alley
Paranormal News: Shirt of many colors
Mammoth cave - world's largest haunted place
Ghost hunters set sights on Theodores tavern
The Wallingford Haunting - Ghosts, Ouija and Possession
Livingston County Park Ghosts
Radio: The Paracast with Nick Pope - Aug 24th
Paranormal Radio with Brooks Agnew - Aug 25th
Radio: TOGA and Ghosts talk - Listen Now!
Radio: Paranormal Talk with Chris Balzano - Aug 26th
Daily Grail - Bigfoot's House of Cards
Bigfoot in a Freezer: Don't Get So Excited - Regan Lee
Now Here’s Some WORTHWHILE Bigfoot News
Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period - NYTimes
10 Solar System Mysteries
Bad News: Insterstellar Travel May Remain in Science Fiction

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