Friday, July 4, 2008


Small Minded ‘' Abduction Article Is Disgrace
The Last Scientist Pt1 - UFO Media Matters
July 2008 UFO Gathering in Cape Town
Argentina: First Cattle Mutilation in Bs.As. 2008
UFO Stalker – Bayshore, NY
Understanding Witness’ Memory Loss -
The Hive
Ufology for the New Millennium
-The Hive
NASA - New Discoveries on Mercury
UFO Magazine - Dennis Whitney Sightings and Photos
Whither Ufology? – Blue Alien
UFO's - Best sightings ever seen
Aerial Anomalies
Aliens and UFOs in Lisbon
Guests Richard &Karyn Dolan and Peter Robbins
The secret Solomon key and seal
Snarly Skepticism:From The Outlandish To The Simple
When will they learn?
Airborne lanterns lead to reports of UFO sightings
UFO spotted over Coventry - Coventry Telegraph
UFO spotted in Lancashire? Decide for yourself
Bucks County UFO mystery solved?
Seeing the light in search for UFOs
UFO investigators speak to policemen about sighting
Turning technology loose on the phantoms of the Inn
Paranormal investigators converge on Mariner's Moon
Ghost stories emerge from 'Princess' tragedy
Paranormal Colorado
Ghost Hunters International - Chillingham Review
The Haunting of Roberta Hall

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