Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Apple Valley, Toward Barstow California UFO Crashes in the Desert
Arnold, Nottingham, UK - Fast Traveling White Colored Orb
Alien Spirituality
UFO Sighting, Philadelphia, PA – See pix in next link
Philadelphia, PA photo
UFO sightings in Bucks County - Video
Dogon and Sirius
UFO Festival rises from 1947 'incident' – KRQE TV
When pilots see ufo's
The Roswell Alien Speaks- book
Roswell Is More Than Just Aliens And UFO’s
The Paranormal Realm Radio – Rochelle Evans – July 2nd 6pm ET
ABQNews - Guess What Happened 61 Years Ago Today?
Science and their Method and their Hubris-UFO Pilgrim
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho Witnesses Observe Vancouver, BC UFO
UFO Stalker - Niagara Falls, Canada
Strange State – Parnormalizer Review 068
Apparitions and Control – Regan Lee
20 Questions with Robert M. Hunnicutt – Haunted American Tours
Something just doesn't ‘Sitwell’ - Michael Prescott's Blog
Apocalypse Then. Next One, When? – New York Times
Witches brave skepticism
Planet's Magnetic Field Varies Much Faster Than Expected
Weather Plasma Cosmology Electric Universe – NASA tries to steal show
British hacker simply irresistible – Billy Cox
Newsweek - Why We Love Gurus
UFO Sighting: Lincoln, Nebraska; July 5, 2008
UFO investigators drawn to Bucks
Ghost hunters gather
In Search of The Skeptic Talisman
Abduction Memory
Greatness in the paranormal
UFO Anti Gravity Technology
Karl Pflock on the Aztec UFO hoax
Man breaks silence over North Wales UFO
My Personal Near Death Experience (NDE)
Paranormal Radio and Lizzie Borden
Video UFO seen over Moscow during football game
Ufological "Front Page Challenge
UFO Magazine - Sightings - UFOs Over Swansea Bay?
Haunted: Glenn Burnie, Maryland
Alicia Montells ufo contactee experience
Entangled Minds: Two conferences
I have a column in the new issue of UFO Magazine, on news-stands
Aliens Have Been On The Moon Since Ancient Times
Boo Who to Paranormal Politics
The Breath - Danielle Lee
Seeing is Believing with comments from Budd Hopkins
Earth cries, science questions life & studies law of war while NASA builds time machine
They’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Baaaaaaaaaaaaack
This happened June 24, 2008 in Steuben County, Indiana
The Gralien Report - Top Secret Interviews with Roswell Alien Released?
Innisfil, Ontario - Meteor Lights Up The Sky And Surroundings

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