Monday, June 30, 2008


The Impossible Must Be The Truth - Steve Bass
Pennsylvania Black Triangle UFO Sightings - Interview
What's Alien You? - Dave Barry
Ghost hunters to check out Bristol Town Hall
Island of Paradise – Book Review by Nick Redfern
UFOs and the Interdimensional Hypothesis
How Smart is Smart – What’s an Alien’s IQ Level - Greg Boone
UFO Panama City
Allan drakes ufo contactee experience
Lost vintage footage found – UFOs Are Here! 1977 & 1979
Shanghai Pilot UFO recording released
Group looks to alien salvation
Live Directly From The Roswell UFO Festival - Jul 06,08
Photographed possible UFO while shooting digital images
My Strangest UFO Abduction Case by Brad Steiger
Extraterrestrial Climate Change - A Message for Earth?
UFO spotted over Worthing - Littlehampton Today
Second Eclipse Podcast Episode 4 - Jeremy Vaeni
UFO spotted over Worthing - Chichester Today
Paranormal Reality
Ghost Hunting Weekend
Paranormal and Supernatural – July 13th 9pm ET
UFOs and Vimanas – continues below
UFO’s and the Vimanas
The Paracast with Stanton Friedman – Listen Now!
Scientists Discover Natural Radio Emissions Signal to Exo-Worlds
Yvonne Smith: Speaker at Roswell Festival
The event that killed my skepticism.
Williams Lake, BC Sky Lit Up And Loud Boom
Roswell UFO Festival 2008
Lights - El Vado New Mexico, 25 Miles South Of Dulce, NM
Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Research: Open PSI Study Program has begun!
German man programs "Hello World" into wheat field
Alan Watt rejects Alien Agenda
Estimate of the Situation2008: WOW!
Above & Beyond: Best Evidence - The Malmstrom AFB Case
New Mission:Take Down Jaime Maussan - WTF? Don't Miss This UFO Show
Williams Lake, British Columbia Sky Lit Up And Loud Boom
Captain Disillusion - Gas Station Ghost: Recut
Lets Ghost Talk-Unearthing the Unknown with Dakota Lawrence

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