Saturday, July 5, 2008


The man who gave you Nightmares
Retired Washington meteorologist still looking skyward for UFOs
Thoughts on 4-dimensional hypotheses for UFOs
UFO Blog: IFOs:UFO Balloons, Chinese Lanterns & Misidentifications
Flying Saucers and Science - Books
UFO Magazine Blog - Bill Nye is CSI? – Alfred Lehmberg
UFO Magazine - Skeptics Are Jerks! – Lisa A. Shiel
UFO Magazine Blog - The Last Living Witnesses – Bill Birnes
Abduction: The Screams of Thousand Oaks
Discovery Channel Plans to Probe UFO Reports
Dr. James McDonald on the Farmington Armada
DMT and Ayahuasca Dialogue
Mensa member highly disagrees with James Carrion
Larry King Live – June 4th Truth about Roswell Program
The UFO Show With Aaron Moriarity - Jul 08,2008
Supposed 61-month cycle of UFO flaps
Teen now embraces his psyhic gift
Larry King Live-Roswell Truth Debated-Transcript
UFO Landing and Government Intercept
Extraterrestrials and Cuba
UFO close-up footage Houston TX 2008
Is The Bermuda Triangle A Good Place For an "Alien" Base?
Taiwan UFO news report
UFOMystic -Roswell 2008 Day 1-Greg Bishop
UFO Downunder - High Red UFO with Tail
Orb entities Light Beings & Ships over UK
UFO Stalker – Springhill, Florida
The UFO Engine
Psychic Sadness – Danielle Lee
Military theater has a history, and maybe ghosts
Hotel Oregon in McMinnville Haunted – Regan Lee
Loei ghost festival opens
Radio-Jo Lynne Valerie-Full Moon Rising Magazine-Listen Now!
Blog Talk Radio-New Gravity Media & 14 Degrees-July 6th 5pm ET
Radio - Amityville horror Mr. Tim Yancey-July11th 8pmET

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