Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dolan and Redfern on UFO secrecy
The Flying Saucers are as real as they were
NICAP Alerts Members About the Movie
Jerome Clark on Anomalous phenomena
Tourists invade Roswell for UFO Festival - Video
North London, U.K. Green Colored UFO
Traffic that has been shouting extraterrestrial hypothesis..,
World UFOs: North London, U.K. Green Colored UFO
The Specters of Oom
T.O.P.S. for Australian listeners-Victor Viggiani and Mary Rodwell
Fright night planned at Samlesbury Hall
New planet may hold alien civilizations and my personal pick
The Dragons of Ufology – Intangible Materiality
Taylorsville, KY – Completely silent lights
UFO Caught on camera in Ancaster and Worcester
UFO crash? University of North Texas checks authenticity of claim
UFO photographed while shooting pre-civil war cemetery
Alien Abduction and Mystic Experiences
The man of the M.O.A. – Spanish Air Force Declassification on UFOs
UFO photographed while shooting pre-civil war cemetary
The Maracaibo Incident, 1886
Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - The Current July 2008 Time Is
Canada - Abbotsford, BC- Bright Object Filmed
U.S.- Lights in the Sky, Arizona
U.S. - Sphere/Orb over Raleigh, NC
Fresh claims about ‘the Welsh Roswell’ of 1974
Chile - UFOs in Valparaiso
UFOs, Okay, before you roll your eyes
The Impossible Must Be The Truth
Regan Lee the Shameless Promoter–Re:Tim Binnall's Women–You go girl!
UK-UFO seen above Harborough
UK-UFO sighting over Derbyshire border
UK-UFOs spotted over Worcester?
UK-Royal Navy aircraft engineer sees hovering UFO above motorway
UK- UFO spotted over Worthing
UK-UFOs 'spotted over Basingstoke'
Crossroads Paranormal Radio show with Bonnie Vent – Listen Now!
Paranormal -Your True Tales

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